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Extensive Far Cry 3 Patch Released for Consoles

Wow, this is a long list. Admittedly, I’ve barely encountered any of these and with any luck, I never will now. The patch fixes a range of issues in single player, multiplayer and the map editor.

Single player fixes include mission specific bugs, challenge leaderboard issues and a strange glitch that left weapons attached to your arm making aiming the bow a nightmare. Multiplayer updates fix issues with the loadout editor, weapon damage not registering and host migration problems amongst many others.

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McLovin’s Far Cry Adventure Video in Full

Back in November we posted an amusing live action video starring Christopher ‘McLovin’ Mintz-Plasse shooting a promo for Far Cry 3 that suddenly got very real. Think Tropic Thunder and you’re on the right line. Well, after that teaser, we’ve found a video compiling all the episodes of The Far Cry Experience. Michael Mando (the voice of Vaas) stars in the video and steals the show, also proving he’s a shoe-in if anyone decides to make the game into a proper movie.

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Far Cry 3 Outpost App Now Live

Ubisoft have released a new free app on the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android-enabled devices. If you play Far Cry 3 online competitively or in co-op -and you really should- this is an essential tool. PC users can also gain access to the Outpost here.

Co-op players will be familiar with decoding found DVDs, data sticks and so on to unlock mods and boosts. Thanks to the app, you no longer have to be playing the game while they decode in the background as this allows you to decode and collect the rewards on the move.

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Game of the Year 2012

What with the gaming industry still being keen to strangle itself every year by releasing all the good games at once, I’m going to be playing catch up on some of the great titles long into next year. This might even give me something to do next summer if the lineup for the ‘sunny’ bit of the year is as grossly thin as it was this year.

I’ve played some great stuff this year though, many of them get a mention below, but a few other honourable shouts go out to DishonoredSonic and All-Stars Racing TransformedBlack Ops II,Sports Champions 2 and WipEout 2048 and Virtua Tennis 4 on the Vita.

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The Sunday Seven: Far Cry 3 Survival Tips

Far Cry 3 is a hot contender for Game of the Year and should be on any FPS fan’s Christmas list. The postcard-perfect tropical location is fraught with danger though so you’ll want to take note of our handy survival guide before you pack those grenades, assault rifles and sun cream. These seven tips will make your life much easier and allow you to enjoy the game to its maximum potential. Feel free to add in your own tips in the comments section or anything cool you may have come across in the game.

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McLovin Stars in Far Cry 3 Live Action Miniseries

Christopher ‘McLovin’ Mintz-Plasse is starring in a new mini-series to promote Far Cry 3, the Far Cry Experience. This live action miniseries injects as dose of humour to the series as the Superbad / Kick Ass actor is put on a tropical island to promote the game before suddenly, shit gets real, Tropic Thunder-style.

Funny throughout, we can’t wait to see if Chris and his cameraman can survive the inevitable confrontation with Vaas, who has recently become a fan of chaining tourists to rocks and firing rockets at them. The little scamp.

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New Far Cry 3 Savages Trailer Increases ‘Want’ Factor

Two whole months to go until Far Cry 3 is released and each trailer just makes the wait even worse. This new video introduces us to Buck, an Aussie nutcase that we get the feeling may even turn out to be worse than Vaas. The action shows us more tantalising glimpses of the island from land, sea and air. With the environments looking as gorgeous as they are, we’re hoping the game will start a trend for not basing your game in industrial estates and office blocks. More trees, more beaches, more sun and definitely more tigers in everything from now on please. Continue reading New Far Cry 3 Savages Trailer Increases ‘Want’ Factor

Far Cry 3: Survival Trailer Welcomes Us To Rook Islands

For those of you tired of military shooters, feast your eyes on the gorgeous Far Cry 3. Rather than focus on Vaas telling us All about his ‘insanity’ for a change we get a real good look around the two main islands that will be used for the single player campaign of the game.

Lush jungles -complete with wildlife ranging from birds, komodo dragons and tigers- are amongst the most detailed ever seen on a console. It sort of makes Just Cause 2 look like something spewed out on Blue Peter. An early look at some of the underground ruin areas shows a new side to the game and gives it something of an Uncharted FPS feel. Or imagine Skyrim’s tombs actually looking like something on a current-generation machine (sorry, burned PS3 gamer here).

Jet skis, hang gliders, jeeps and quads are given a brief showing. Nasty nature seems keen to eat your face as we see close encounters with tigers and sharks. Wrapping a bandage around your arm or pulling a dislocated thumb back into place are shown too, not that any of those will be applicable to getting out of a shark’s stomach.

Far Cry 3 is climbing up our most wanted lists at an alarming rate.

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Far Cry 3 (Hands-on Preview)

After sitting through so many presentations at Gamescom, it was a relief to see that I’d actually get to play Far Cry 3. The recent E3 singleplayer stage was available as was a round of multiplayer. I’m eager for something a little different than another military shooter and Far Cry 3’s tropical paradise setting is one hell of a place to start. Console gamers missed out on the first game and the dull African setting of the last game left a lot to be desired for many, so expectations are high for Ubisoft’s title.

The start of the single-player stage began on a cliff-top across from an island. Using the bow, I took out the guard far in the distance. The arrows realistically drop over longer distances, so it took a few attempts as my first shots landed in the water just in front of him.

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