Far Cry 3: Survival Trailer Welcomes Us To Rook Islands

For those of you tired of military shooters, feast your eyes on the gorgeous Far Cry 3. Rather than focus on Vaas telling us All about his ‘insanity’ for a change we get a real good look around the two main islands that will be used for the single player campaign of the game.

Lush jungles -complete with wildlife ranging from birds, komodo dragons and tigers- are amongst the most detailed ever seen on a console. It sort of makes Just Cause 2 look like something spewed out on Blue Peter. An early look at some of the underground ruin areas shows a new side to the game and gives it something of an Uncharted FPS feel. Or imagine Skyrim’s tombs actually looking like something on a current-generation machine (sorry, burned PS3 gamer here).

Jet skis, hang gliders, jeeps and quads are given a brief showing. Nasty nature seems keen to eat your face as we see close encounters with tigers and sharks. Wrapping a bandage around your arm or pulling a dislocated thumb back into place are shown too, not that any of those will be applicable to getting out of a shark’s stomach.

Far Cry 3 is climbing up our most wanted lists at an alarming rate.

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