Far Cry 3 Outpost App Now Live

Ubisoft have released a new free app on the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android-enabled devices. If you play Far Cry 3 online competitively or in co-op -and you really should- this is an essential tool. PC users can also gain access to the Outpost here.

Co-op players will be familiar with decoding found DVDs, data sticks and so on to unlock mods and boosts. Thanks to the app, you no longer have to be playing the game while they decode in the background as this allows you to decode and collect the rewards on the move.

Stat tracking lets you check how close you are to unlocking the awards milestones. You can also access similar stats for your friends, although this sometimes causes the app to crash -in my personal experience running the app on a Nexus 7.

A loadout editor gives you free reign to edit your sets so you can get straight into the action next time you fire up the game. It’s also handy to add in those unlocked weapon mods straight away after getting them from the decoder or when a friend sends them to you. Daily and weekly online challenges are easy to track here too.

Ubisoft have made a video attempting to explain the concept behind the Outpost, but it doesn’t give you a lot of information and will potentially bore you into a coma. It’s only worth watching if you’re curious to see just how long four and a half minutes can last sometimes.

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