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Project Cars devs making Red Bull Air Race game

Well, we didn’t see this one coming. Slightly Mad Studios, most famous for developing the well-received Project Cars racing sim, are turning their hands to the skies. The Red Bull Air Race series has been growing in popularity in recent years as daredevil pilots compete for the best times as they weave between airgates and dive under bridges around famous cities the world over.

Slightly Mad Studios are partnering with Wing Racers Sports Games GmbH and will be releasing the game exclusively on PC in 2016. Take a look at the first trailer to see some very polished in-game engine graphics. Continue reading Project Cars devs making Red Bull Air Race game

Mario Kart 200cc comparison trailer has all the speed

Mario Kart 8 has been feeling the need for speed for a while now. So we’re delighted to hear that Nintendo is bringing back the 200cc motors. This new comparison video shows how fast they are compared to the 150cc vehicles, which are currently the fastest rides in Mario Kart 8.

Yes, Nintendo. So much yes. The 150cc karts feel a little slow to be honest, but this injection of speed should see us knocking a third off our best lap times and we can’t wait for the new motors to land as a FREE update on April 23rd. On the same day a new paid DLC bundle will be available with two new characters and eight new tracks. Consider us tempted.

If you have any GameCube controllers you want to use on your Wii U for Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Bros, be sure to pick up this cheap Gamecube to Wii U controller adapter for £9.99. Check out the new trailer below. Continue reading Mario Kart 200cc comparison trailer has all the speed

Project Cars Season Pass content leaked?

A  few sites seems to have gotten an early peek at the Season Pass content for the upcoming Project Cars. No details of pricing are listed but the pass seems to include the following content:

  • Car Pack “racing icons”
  • Extension “Audi Ruapuna Speedway”
  • Car Pack “new for old”
  • Extension “Red Bull Ignition”
  • Car Pack “Aston Martin”
  • Extension “Lotus Classic”
  • Car Pack “Renault Sport”
  • Extension “Toyota & Mitsubishi Macau”
  • Extension “Ford Oval Racing” Continue reading Project Cars Season Pass content leaked?

DriveClub (Review)

driveclub-reviewDriveClub’s online issues have been well documented since release, and it was only fair that we held off publishing our review until Evolution had time to iron out the kinks and we could actually play it online. Two weeks since release and it’s ‘pencil’s down’ time.

First up, single-player. The campaign is a lengthy selection of events in which you earn fame points that in turn level you up, unlocking more events and faster vehicles. The events themselves have a heavy reliance on time trials over multi-vehicle racing, making it seem like a very lonely game at times. There are drift events too, but the less said about those the better. There are three star awards for each event based on criteria like finishing position, clean laps, lap times or beating racing line or drift challenges.

Continue reading DriveClub (Review)

The Sunday Seven: DriveClub’s Ups and Downs

The racing game PS4 owners have been waiting for since launch is finally here and it’s facing a hell of a lot of pressure after a prolonged development that has seen some mixed messages emerge during the course. It’s not been the smoothest of launches either, with the online side of the game being blocked off to most gamers. So, let’s have a look at some of the highs and lows we’ve experienced in our first four days with the game.

Continue reading The Sunday Seven: DriveClub’s Ups and Downs

Project Cars (Hands-On Preview)

“Try to catch that car in front or just bring it back in one piece.” These are the deflating words of my pit manager when skidding around in last place on the final lap in Project Cars.

Project Cars is tough. With no driving aids turned on for my first play session with the new racing IP, I can’t help but feel the pressure mount as every time I look up in the Bandai Namco offices, I see a Dark Souls II poster – judging, mocking and not helping my blood temperature one bit.

Things improve though and despite the harsh challenge, which comes mainly from the handling rather than the AI (but more on those guys later), I found myself keen to iron out my racing sim wrinkles and lose those pesky kart racer habits. To be fair, it’s not like PS4 is exactly packed with skill-honing racing sims right now.

Continue reading Project Cars (Hands-On Preview)

Table Top Racing (Review)

Table Top Racing Vita Review | Little Cars, Big Smiles

Little Cars, Big Smiles

Racers, start your engines! Well, charge up your PlayStation Vitas first, as I’ve no doubt many of you haven’t had a reason to put it on for a while unless you’re a fan of niche Japanese titles. But that’s about to change and for a no-excuses price of £4.99 too.

Table Top Racing is an arcade racing title with healthy influences from the likes of Micro Machines and the weapon-sporting Mashed (but not Wrecked, thankfully). You race miniature toy cars across a range of tracks that include sushi restaurants, picnic areas and tables full of junk. Every course is fantastically designed with lots of tight turns and sudden shear edges that keep the racing pack together throughout. Continue reading Table Top Racing (Review)

Road Redemption Gets New Gameplay Footage

A little over a year ago we saw Road Redemption enter the Kickstarter scene and successfully reach its target in order to bring us a Road Rash-style thrash on the highway that’s been missing from our lives for all too long.

Backers can now gain access to the game’s Alpha version and the devs have released a new gameplay video that brings all sorts of memories back from our Mega Drive days. You can buy into the Alpha now and secure a Steam copy later on for an admittedly pricey-looking $33.99. Head on over to the game’s website for more information.

Console support was one of the game’s stretch goals, but there’s currently no mention of when or what other platform we can expect this on when I checked the website. A quick look at their forums confirmed that Oculus Rift support is something that is being considered though. For now, check out the new footage of the biker combat-racing game and let us know what you think. Continue reading Road Redemption Gets New Gameplay Footage

Test Driving the Racers of the Future

There are a lot of racing games on their way, perhaps too many for those of us planning to splash out on a next-gen console soon. So which of them are shaping up to be worthy of your attention? I endured the queues and hardware crashes of the Eurogamer Expo to tear around various racetracks to bring you my impressions of five of the most anticipated racers of the future on both existing and next generation platforms.

Continue reading Test Driving the Racers of the Future

Australian Stage Trailer for WRC 4

As much as we’re looking forward to those oh-so shiny curves of the orange McLaren P1 in Forza 5, sometimes it’s just fun to mess around in the dirt. Which is why we’ll always a have a place in our hearts for dedicated rallying titles. Milestone have been prolific in recent years and they’ll be bringing us WRC 4 in October.

With varied weather conditions and a rebuilt career mode on the way things are looking good for the official WRC title. Enjoy the trailer after the break along with an older one for a look at Rally Deutschland too. That’s a lot of trees with your name on them. Continue reading Australian Stage Trailer for WRC 4

WRC 4 Gets Light and Weather Trailer

Last gen you couldn’t move for rallying titles, but recent years have seen only a handful of releases. We blame Sebastian Loeb hoarding all the silverware for killing off interest in the sport. Nevertheless, we can’t wait to get our tires muddy with Milestone’s latest WRC title.

This is the first time we’ve seen the game in action, with the trailer showing events taking place at dawn, noon and dusk. Fingers crossed night races will make it into the final game. Expect varied weather conditions too with rain and snow once again playing key parts in having fun sliding around U-turns. Continue reading WRC 4 Gets Light and Weather Trailer

World Rally Championship 4 Coming In October

Milestone have been giving us a steady stream of quality rallying titles throughout this generation and have kept the focus on traditional rallying while Codemasters have been distracted by an X-games feel over the last few years. WRC 4, or WRC: FIA World Rally Championship 4 to give it its unnecessarily cluttered full name, will be published by Bigben Interactive rather than Black Bean Games in October.

Coming to PS3, 360, PC and Vita once again, you can expect all of the official teams, drivers and event locations. There’s no mention of new features yet, or even a trailer, images or a logo for that matter, but a brand new career mode has been promised which hopefully means they’re scrapping the two career modes from the last game and will re-incorporate elements from the second game where you were able to build your own pit team in RPG-lite fashion. Continue reading World Rally Championship 4 Coming In October

WRC: Powerslide Gets New Trailer and Release Date

Milestone’s upcoming racer is ditching the traditional rallying for multiplayer shenanigans on PSN and XBLA. Simultaneous multiplayer and even powerups are making their way to the series for the first time. The latest gameplay trailer shows a single race with hailstorms, nitros and shields all playing their part. The regular WRC games have been solid performers over the years for Milestone, but this more fun approach looks to be in a similar vein of games like the surprisingly fun, Dirt: Showdown.

WRC: Powerslide will be released on XBLA March 8th and PSN March 13th. Continue reading WRC: Powerslide Gets New Trailer and Release Date

WRC: Powerslide Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer

Milestone are taking a break from traditional rallying with their next game, WRC: Powerslide. This new trailer shows off the game’s multiplayer where we can see cars jostling for position with physical simultaneous racing instead of the usual ghost cars that the last three WRC games used.

This isn’t the first racing series to ditch its sim-like roots. Against the odds, Dirt: Showdown proved to be a lot of fun, but Codemasters then slipped up with F1 Race Stars. As long as Milestone or Codemasters get back to making a proper rallying game next, I think this one could turn out to be a lot of fun.

Powerups will help you succeed, such as a shield that spins out your rivals or a sudden personalised hailstorm that grinds them to a halt – which already looks like Powerslide’s Blue Shell. Some of the tracks look familiar, especially that vicious ninety degree right turn past the buildings, but hopefully the roads will be widened a little to avoid flipping over a cliff or nailing a tree teeth-first. Continue reading WRC: Powerslide Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Launch Trailer

By this time next week, you’ll be rubbing your thumbs after the first of many intense nights’ racing with Need for Speed: Most Wanted. EA’s launch trailer is making the wait for Criterion’s open-world racer all the more unbearable.

Matt recently had a chinwag with Matt Webster, the game’s executive producer and you can read that interview here. Jon has an E3 preview for you too. Click through for the launch trailer and check-in again soon for our review.

Continue reading Need for Speed: Most Wanted Launch Trailer

LittleBigPlanet Karting Gets A Story Trailer

The latest trailer for LittleBigPlanet Karting gives us a glimpse into the story thanks to a bit of narration from one Stephen Fry. There’s plenty of gameplay on show too, which might get you interested in the new kart racer coming from United Front Games, the studio behind ModNation Racers. Check out Matt’s hands-on preview while you’re here.

Continue reading LittleBigPlanet Karting Gets A Story Trailer

Lose The Cops In Latest Need For Speed: Most Wanted Gameplay Trailer

This is more like it, a trailer that shows continuous uninterrupted gameplay as opposed to flashily edited footage using multiple angles. This is how the game will look when you’re playing it. Frankly, it’s made us want it even more as this really could fill that Burnout sized hole we’ve had in our hearts since 2008.

There seems to be a lot of information on screen at once, which could prove to be a distraction, especially the options we glimpsed showing how you can adjust impact protection settings and the like. The event we see looks intense enough as it is. While trying to track down an opponent we’re flying through the huge environment trying to lose the cops by beating speed traps and slamming through barricades too. So far, this may be the most appropriately titled game in the series. Continue reading Lose The Cops In Latest Need For Speed: Most Wanted Gameplay Trailer