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Mario Kart 200cc comparison trailer has all the speed

Mario Kart 8 has been feeling the need for speed for a while now. So we’re delighted to hear that Nintendo is bringing back the 200cc motors. This new comparison video shows how fast they are compared to the 150cc vehicles, which are currently the fastest rides in Mario Kart 8.

Yes, Nintendo. So much yes. The 150cc karts feel a little slow to be honest, but this injection of speed should see us knocking a third off our best lap times and we can’t wait for the new motors to land as a FREE update on April 23rd. On the same day a new paid DLC bundle will be available with two new characters and eight new tracks. Consider us tempted.

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Mario Kart 8 New Weapon Trailers Unleashed

Mario Kart 8 New Weapon Trailers Unleashed

Not long to go now before Mario Kart 8 lands on the Wii U and today we get to see some of the new weapons in action. Mario Kart 8 has long been touted as the Wii U’s most important game, with many gamers and critics thinking that it could turn things around for the struggling Wii U.

Sales of Nintendo’s latest console have been sluggish but Mario Kart 8 could be the first genuine system seller and should see them throw some serious marketing money at it if they want to replicated the previous Wii game’s success on the Wii U. With the last game still being advertised on TV less than a year ago, the series has proved it has serious staying power and could once again become a huge hit again when Mario Kart 8 lands at the end of this month.

Edge magazine are one of the few publications to have reviewed Mario Kart 8 and have awarded it a massive 9/10. The series has had huge success with casual and hardcore gamers alike, but will the latest title be enough to convince them to buy a new console?Both crowds have moved on from the Wii, with the hardcore players probably still rubbing their wallets after splashing out on a PS4 or Xbox One and the more casual crowd enjoying the mobile/tablet gaming explosion that’s hit since the Wii’s heyday.

There’s no denying that Mario Kart 8 is looking all sorts of awesome though. These new trailers, which will be all over your TV and interrupting your YouTube playlists soon, show off some of the new weaponry in the form of a Boomerang that allows multiple hits or the Super Horn that sends out a radial blast similar to a weapon in the fairly successful Sonic Racing series that emerged during Mario Kart’s slumber. Thankfully, none of them look as cheap as Bullet Bill or that controller-crushing Blue Shell.