Road Redemption Gets New Gameplay Footage

A little over a year ago we saw Road Redemption enter the Kickstarter scene and successfully reach its target in order to bring us a Road Rash-style thrash on the highway that’s been missing from our lives for all too long.

Backers can now gain access to the game’s Alpha version and the devs have released a new gameplay video that brings all sorts of memories back from our Mega Drive days. You can buy into the Alpha now and secure a Steam copy later on for an admittedly pricey-looking $33.99. Head on over to the game’s website for more information.

Console support was one of the game’s stretch goals, but there’s currently no mention of when or what other platform we can expect this on when I checked the website. A quick look at their forums confirmed that Oculus Rift support is something that is being considered though. For now, check out the new footage of the biker combat-racing game and let us know what you think.

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