The Sunday Seven: Ways for Sony to Win E3 2014

Not long to go now before gaming’s Superbowl lands in LA and we all go crazy for the latest new games, exciting demos and those massive revelations. Sony are going to have a hard time topping last year, where they delivered some heavy blows to their rival Microsoft, who stuttered their way through the Xbox One’s build-up campaign.

This year’s E3 is all about maintaining the pace and staying ahead of the Redwood company, especially now the two consoles are similarly priced. So, here’s seven ways for Sony to win E3 2014.

Uncharted PS4 Gameplay Demo

After that teaser on the PS4’s launch night, we’ve not seen a single screen shot for the new Uncharted game on PS4. Sony stole the show in 2009 with one of the most memorable stage demos ever and hopes are high they’ll do it again.

No CGI trailers, a full-on action packed demo with the sole intention of nailing jaws to the floor please. Fingers crossed for an expanded co-op mode too as earlier games showed enormous potential in this area. Expect to hear some news about story-related DLC for Infamous: Second Son too.

The Return of Kevin Butler

Oh Kevin, why did you have to hold that Wiimote in the Bridgestone Tires ad. This faux pas lead to the canning of Sony’s fictional executive who was used in various advertising campaigns to poke fun at the competition and in his most memorable moment, lead a rousing speech at E3 2010. With Jack Tretton gone, Sony could do with a familiar light-hearted face. Not that I’m saying Andrew House looks like an evil magician, but this… —>

God of War 4

We dare you to announce another prequel Sony. Even George Lucas thinks you’re milking the back-story a bit now. For years since God of War III, patient gamers have been awaiting the return of PlayStation’s angriest mascot. Kratos has pretty much murdered every god and mythical creature on the Greek scene, so a change of location is desperately needed.

Speculation has suggested that Kratos fancies his chances taking on the Norse gods to the West, while others say he may head east to take on local deities in China or Japan. Or maybe he’s going to go all Belmont and take a nap until modern day –that would be a terrible idea though.

Project Morpheus Details

Let’s just have it all. Release date, price, bundles and a healthy list of supported games. Having tried the Oculus Rift, we’re keen to see how Sony steps up with their own take on Virtual Reality headsets. If Sony wishes to avoid another PS Move style sales flop, they really need to get the third-party devs behind it.

New PS Move and Vita Games

If Sony expect gamers who have already invested hundreds in a new console to pick up the VR headset, they’re going to have to show some more faith in the Move and give gamers a sign they won’t stop making games for the Morpheus at the first sign of slowing sales. Twitch-cam support aside, there’s NO REASON to own the new PS4 camera. Move support has been exceptionally poor for a few years now on PS3. At the very least, announce Sports Champions 3 or finish making Until Dawn, it’s only a few years late now.

The Vita’s had a great time for niche titles of late, but that’s its problem. It’s stuck in a rut with no reason to develop anything genuinely innovative or commercially attractive to a wider audience, meaning sales have stalled. For example, have you played anything as outrageously epic in scale as Uncharted since the launch line-up? There’s only Killzone and Tearaway standing out as serious reasons to pick up the console if you’re not into obscure Japanese RPGs or puzzle games. It’s all very well being able to use the Vita as a second screen for the PS4, but it’s hardly a strong enough feature to be the main reason for buying the handheld. Just when was the last time Sony promoted it at as a console rather than a controller?

Brand New IP

This generation is off to a slow start for new IP brands, but E3 is the perfect stage to get gamers and the press excited for the next big thing. Sony may opt out of the FPS genre after Resistance and Killzone didn’t match their lofty expectations, but could we see them take another stab at it with a new IP? As intriguing as The Order 1886 looks, its niche setting doesn’t look like a big seller when compared to Halo or evenUncharted. If we’re brutally honest though, most big new IP’s usually emerge as multi-platform titles nowadays (less financial risk?), leaving only smaller indie IPs being locked down to a single platform and most of those sneak out on PC first.

PlayStation Now Info

We know Sony is planning to launch a game streaming service powered by their acquisition of Gaikai, but official details have been scarce. While any solid announcements will probably be for the US version, which was always stated as the first launch territory, it’ll be interesting to hear what sort of packages will be available to allow unlimited streaming or pay on a game by game basis.

We’ll be watching the live feed of the press conference at 2am June 10th to see if any of the above items appear. What do you think though readers? We’d love to hear about what you want to see Sony unveil on the night. Don’t forget to stock up on those caffeine products.

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