Kevin Butler Being Sued By Sony

Sony is suing Jerry Lambert, the actor who plays Kevin Butler after he appeared in an advert for Bridgestone Tires playing a Wii game.

Butler was the face of many of Sony’s advertising campaigns and was adored despite only having a fictional executive role in the company. This was due to his cheeky adverts that didn’t mind poking fun at the competition, especially Microsoft’s Kinect device, “who wants to chase a red ball!” The highpoint being a rousing E3 speech dedicated to gamers.

Well, that’s all over now as Sony are suing Bridgestone, Lambert and Wildcat Creek, Butler’s own company for copyright infringement, most probably for trying to steal their ‘character’ Kevin Butler.

Recent updates at Kotaku indicate that unsuccessful attempts were made to settle matters privately, but the courts have ordered both sides to commit to a formal hearing by October 12th either way.


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