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Australian Stage Trailer for WRC 4

As much as we’re looking forward to those oh-so shiny curves of the orange McLaren P1 in Forza 5, sometimes it’s just fun to mess around in the dirt. Which is why we’ll always a have a place in our hearts for dedicated rallying titles. Milestone have been prolific in recent years and they’ll be bringing us WRC 4 in October.

With varied weather conditions and a rebuilt career mode on the way things are looking good for the official WRC title. Enjoy the trailer after the break along with an older one for a look at Rally Deutschland too. That’s a lot of trees with your name on them. Continue reading Australian Stage Trailer for WRC 4

WRC 4 Gets Light and Weather Trailer

Last gen you couldn’t move for rallying titles, but recent years have seen only a handful of releases. We blame Sebastian Loeb hoarding all the silverware for killing off interest in the sport. Nevertheless, we can’t wait to get our tires muddy with Milestone’s latest WRC title.

This is the first time we’ve seen the game in action, with the trailer showing events taking place at dawn, noon and dusk. Fingers crossed night races will make it into the final game. Expect varied weather conditions too with rain and snow once again playing key parts in having fun sliding around U-turns. Continue reading WRC 4 Gets Light and Weather Trailer

World Rally Championship 4 Coming In October

Milestone have been giving us a steady stream of quality rallying titles throughout this generation and have kept the focus on traditional rallying while Codemasters have been distracted by an X-games feel over the last few years. WRC 4, or WRC: FIA World Rally Championship 4 to give it its unnecessarily cluttered full name, will be published by Bigben Interactive rather than Black Bean Games in October.

Coming to PS3, 360, PC and Vita once again, you can expect all of the official teams, drivers and event locations. There’s no mention of new features yet, or even a trailer, images or a logo for that matter, but a brand new career mode has been promised which hopefully means they’re scrapping the two career modes from the last game and will re-incorporate elements from the second game where you were able to build your own pit team in RPG-lite fashion. Continue reading World Rally Championship 4 Coming In October

WRC: Powerslide Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer

Milestone are taking a break from traditional rallying with their next game, WRC: Powerslide. This new trailer shows off the game’s multiplayer where we can see cars jostling for position with physical simultaneous racing instead of the usual ghost cars that the last three WRC games used.

This isn’t the first racing series to ditch its sim-like roots. Against the odds, Dirt: Showdown proved to be a lot of fun, but Codemasters then slipped up with F1 Race Stars. As long as Milestone or Codemasters get back to making a proper rallying game next, I think this one could turn out to be a lot of fun.

Powerups will help you succeed, such as a shield that spins out your rivals or a sudden personalised hailstorm that grinds them to a halt – which already looks like Powerslide’s Blue Shell. Some of the tracks look familiar, especially that vicious ninety degree right turn past the buildings, but hopefully the roads will be widened a little to avoid flipping over a cliff or nailing a tree teeth-first. Continue reading WRC: Powerslide Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer

WRC 3 (Review)

I’d never make it as a WRC driver. Mainly because my first thoughts to hearing the words “Don’t cut” from my co-driver are “why not?” Which makes the rewind feature an invaluable tool in the boot of my rally experience, as once again Milestone encourage me to take my favourite Colin McRae inspired approach to rallying: “If in doubt. Flat out.”

Milestone has produced two of the best rally experiences I’ve had on this generation of consoles. Admittedly, WRC 2 was something of a version 1.5 over its predecessor, but the vision of the series has always been pure rallying, which is more than can be said of Codemasters’ recent efforts. Codemasters took the great Colin McRae series and produced the first impressive Dirt game before absolutely nailing it with Dirt 2. Then they got a big old man crush on Ken Block and started to make us drive our cars like poledancers. Sad times.

Continue reading WRC 3 (Review)

WRC 2: FIA World Rally Championship 2011 (Review)

After hearing Dirt 3 would be making a return to proper rallying, I couldn’t help but feel let down by the final product. So much of the game was left to the demented machinations of Ken Block; I was relieved they’d taken McRae’s name off the box. A rally car is not a BMX or a skateboard as the clumsy gymkhana sections proved.

WRC 2 lives and breathes for proper rallying though. Traditional A-B stages dominate, with a few Super Special Stage duels thrown in for good measure. All the big names like Loeb, Solberg and Hirvonen are here along with their official WRC rides. The lower rally leagues and the infamous Group B cars are also present. You can race individual rallies with the stars straight away, or get started on the lengthy career mode, The Road to the WRC.

Continue reading WRC 2: FIA World Rally Championship 2011 (Review)

WRC: World Rally Championship (Review)

It’s been almost five years since we last saw an official WRC game. The name is now in the hands of Milestone, the team behind the SBK motorbike games. Turns out they’ve been dying to get on four wheels all-along.

The full list of official WRC Rallies have been included. Sweden, Mexico, Jordan, Turkey, New Zealand, Portugal, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Japan, France, Spain and GB all make the cut supplying 78 tracks between them. For those of you that don’t follow the WRC, the tracks are for single cars only, with everyone getting one shot to get the best time over a series of stages. The road surfaces change between tarmac, dirt, gravel, mud and snow; with the car handling changing for each. Some tracks are backwards versions and many of them often share some sections too, so the 78 number can sometimes feel a bit padded.

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SBK X Superbike World Championship (Review)

The best fun to be had on two wheels so far this generation has been with Burnout’s hell-powered bikes, with Moto GP and the first SBK game missing out on the love, failing to please arcade or simulation fans.

SBK X has split itself into three modes (Arcade, Simulation and Multiplayer) right from the start menu to try and please arcade and sim fans alike. But have they spread things out too much? I’ll split the review into the same three parts to cover all bases.

Continue reading SBK X Superbike World Championship (Review)