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Australian Stage Trailer for WRC 4

As much as we’re looking forward to those oh-so shiny curves of the orange McLaren P1 in Forza 5, sometimes it’s just fun to mess around in the dirt. Which is why we’ll always a have a place in our hearts for dedicated rallying titles. Milestone have been prolific in recent years and they’ll be bringing us WRC 4 in October.

With varied weather conditions and a rebuilt career mode on the way things are looking good for the official WRC title. Enjoy the trailer after the break along with an older one for a look at Rally Deutschland too. That’s a lot of trees with your name on them. Continue reading Australian Stage Trailer for WRC 4

WRC 4 Gets Light and Weather Trailer

Last gen you couldn’t move for rallying titles, but recent years have seen only a handful of releases. We blame Sebastian Loeb hoarding all the silverware for killing off interest in the sport. Nevertheless, we can’t wait to get our tires muddy with Milestone’s latest WRC title.

This is the first time we’ve seen the game in action, with the trailer showing events taking place at dawn, noon and dusk. Fingers crossed night races will make it into the final game. Expect varied weather conditions too with rain and snow once again playing key parts in having fun sliding around U-turns. Continue reading WRC 4 Gets Light and Weather Trailer

World Rally Championship 4 Coming In October

Milestone have been giving us a steady stream of quality rallying titles throughout this generation and have kept the focus on traditional rallying while Codemasters have been distracted by an X-games feel over the last few years. WRC 4, or WRC: FIA World Rally Championship 4 to give it its unnecessarily cluttered full name, will be published by Bigben Interactive rather than Black Bean Games in October.

Coming to PS3, 360, PC and Vita once again, you can expect all of the official teams, drivers and event locations. There’s no mention of new features yet, or even a trailer, images or a logo for that matter, but a brand new career mode has been promised which hopefully means they’re scrapping the two career modes from the last game and will re-incorporate elements from the second game where you were able to build your own pit team in RPG-lite fashion. Continue reading World Rally Championship 4 Coming In October