Project Cars Season Pass content leaked?

A  few sites seems to have gotten an early peek at the Season Pass content for the upcoming Project Cars. No details of pricing are listed but the pass seems to include the following content:

  • Car Pack “racing icons”
  • Extension “Audi Ruapuna Speedway”
  • Car Pack “new for old”
  • Extension “Red Bull Ignition”
  • Car Pack “Aston Martin”
  • Extension “Lotus Classic”
  • Car Pack “Renault Sport”
  • Extension “Toyota & Mitsubishi Macau”
  • Extension “Ford Oval Racing”

Additional benefits include:

  • Submit a discount compared with the separate purchase prices [sic]
  • A week’s early access so that you can be a nose ahead of your competition forever.
  • 50 exclusive car coats, allow you to bring your team affiliation to express and make a good impression on the track at the same time.

It all sounds a little vague to us. As for the ‘extensions’, we’re presuming they’re larger versions of existing tracks. Remember the days when paid DLC got you a whole track? Those days could be over!  We’ve already seen Namco request an article listing the above content to be removed from N4g. So perhaps the content isn’t finalised yet. Either way, take it with a pinch of salt.

On the plus side, we’ve played Project Cars and it’s pretty damn awesome.

Here are a couple of cheap PC deals for the full game if you  want to pre-order.

Further discounts are available for the boxed version if you can find a cheap item to take your basket over £20 for free delivery.

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