Joe Danger 2 Dated and Priced for PSN

Well Microsoft, you didn’t manage to keep that as an exclusive for very long did you? We’re delighted to tell you that Joe Danger 2: The Movie will be coming home to PSN next week on October 10th.

The PS3 version will be coming packed with exclusive content too which will make up for the wait hopefully. Essentially, we’re getting something of a Director’s Cut or something Sean Murray and the Hello Games team have referred to as Joe Danger Gaiden when speaking to the EU PS Blog. Essentially this is the bastard-hard version of the original game deemed too harsh for mass consumption at the time and will last at least ten hours.

Seeing as some of the levels are pretty damn hard already in the XBLA version of Joe Danger 2, this could be the meanest thing since Dark Souls. Other PS3 enhancements include Youtube uploads, custom soundtracks, downloadable tours including user created stages hand-picked by Hello Games and some unique content for players of the previous game.

Having played every version of the Joe Danger games I can tell you that buying this is a no brainer and is even pretty tempting if you already have the XBLA version. Especially if you’re a fan of a true challenge. All this is available on Wednesday for £9.99.


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