Rocketbirds Coming to PC October 15th

Almost a year after coming to PSN, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken finally has a firm October 15th release date for the PC.

If you ever wondered what the Oddworld Abe games would play like if he had a machine gun then Rocketbirds is keen to let you know. Featuring 2D gameplay with platforming and puzzle solving, a bit of lateral thinking is required to get past the guards. That, and a few mind-control grenades. The shooting is surprisingly violent as enemies can be juggled in the air as you riddle them with bullets.

The art style and sombre music give the game something of a unique identity. Check out my review of the PSN version for more info.

The game will be released across the following digital platforms: Steam, GamersGate, Rain Digital Games and GameStop. If you order from Rain Digital Games you’ll get four songs from the soundtrack, an extra co-op character and a Photon Blaster gun.


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