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Bugs Fixed by Patch for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign

Sanuk Games recently got in touch to let us know about a new patch for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign which has eliminated all known bugs. I came across some of these in my review, including items not appearing until after clicking them and a few crashes during a couple of the puzzles. To be fair though, I still managed to enjoy my time with the game. Continue reading Bugs Fixed by Patch for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign

Trailer For New Vita Puzzler Quell Memento

With Soul Sacrifice (review incoming by the way) coming to the PS Vita soon you’re going to need something to help you relax after the brutal boss fights and Quell Memento might be the perfect tonic for your angry ails.

Using the rear touch pad, you guide an ball around over 150 puzzle screens, collecting items and activating switches in order to reach the exit. Analogue and d-pad controls are also available, but the rear pad allows you to enjoy the best view. A relaxed soundtrack and minor story elements hope to add a soothing atmosphere to the game. Quell Memento is coming to the Vita soon and there’s a trailer after the jump. Continue reading Trailer For New Vita Puzzler Quell Memento

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments Announced

Frogwares and Focus Home Interactive have announced their latest Sherlock Holmes adventure, Crimes and Punishments. Something of a shakeup for the series is promised with the game being developed with the Unreal 3 engine instead of Frogwares in-house engine. Not that the last game was a graphical slouch by any means.

More freedom during investigations is one of the more intriguing claims made in the press release. Moral choices and decisions will influence the game and affect Holmes’ reputation. Whether this will lead to multiple endings is yet to be seen. Holmes himself has had a redesign, apparently to be more modern, but the time setting remains the same. Don’t worry it’s less inspired by Robert Downey Jr.’s version, it’s more of a let’s make him look less like a psychopath kinda look. Continue reading Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments Announced

Lumines: Electronic Symphony (Review)

lumines-vitaIf it wasn’t for the Lumines games on the old PSP the underperforming handheld would have faded into obscurity and the back of our cupboards much sooner than it sadly eventually did. As the Vita approaches its first birthday with a distinct lack of killer apps, I’ve been looking over its back-catalogue, desperate for something to justify charging the thing up more than once a month. Now available for under a tenner, Lumines: Electronic Symphony seemed like a good place to start and certainly better value than its initial £35 price tag.

Lumines is a block-puzzler but one that bears little resemblance to games like Tetris andBejeweled 2. By rotating falling blocks of four squares you must create patterns of like colours in 2×2 or bigger blocks. These blocks will then become highlighted and the constantly sweeping timeline comes and clears them from your pile.

Continue reading Lumines: Electronic Symphony (Review)

Rocketbirds Coming to PC October 15th

Almost a year after coming to PSN, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken finally has a firm October 15th release date for the PC.

If you ever wondered what the Oddworld Abe games would play like if he had a machine gun then Rocketbirds is keen to let you know. Featuring 2D gameplay with platforming and puzzle solving, a bit of lateral thinking is required to get past the guards. That, and a few mind-control grenades. The shooting is surprisingly violent as enemies can be juggled in the air as you riddle them with bullets.

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Mercury Hg Heavy Elements DLC (Review)

At the end of my 8/10 review of Mercury Hg last month, I thought I’d be very happy to have some more of the same when the DLC came along. Wish granted! The £1.99 Heavy Elements DLC provides 30 challenging extra levels for this great PSN game.

For extensive details on gameplay, I’d recommend clicking the above link for my review of the main game. Essentially, you tilt obstacle course worlds to roll a blob of Mercury to the exit. Prize atoms are rewarded for finishing, maintaining 100% health, collecting all the items and for par times.

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