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Bugs Fixed by Patch for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign

Sanuk Games recently got in touch to let us know about a new patch for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign which has eliminated all known bugs. I came across some of these in my review, including items not appearing until after clicking them and a few crashes during a couple of the puzzles. To be fair though, I still managed to enjoy my time with the game. Continue reading Bugs Fixed by Patch for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign

Actual Crimes: Jack the Ripper (PSP Minis Review)

After sneaking around on the DS and PC under the ‘Real Crimes’ banner, Jack the Ripper brings his mystery to the PSP Minis platform with this hidden object / puzzle game.

For those of you not familiar to the hidden object genre, you are presented with a cluttered screen filled with a ridiculously wide range of objects. The objects here all fit the setting of the late 1800s. Using a cursor you must find the items listed on your left. The graphics are well drawn and generally static apart from the odd bit of rain for example. The music sets a quietly sinister tone while the ambient noises add a decent touch of atmosphere to the game. Continue reading Actual Crimes: Jack the Ripper (PSP Minis Review)

Hysteria Project (PSP Minis Review)

Heavy Rain made with a cheap video recorder is a good way to think of this game. The video footage is blurry on the small screen but in fairness, as a Minis title it has to be a small file size and it’s a lot of footage compressed into 80MB.

This ‘interactive (college student-esque) movie’ has you playing as a potential murder victim from a first-person perspective. Everything is shot on camera with no real graphics to speak of. The ‘story’ is simple, escape from captivity and get out of the woods before the hooded axe murderer catches you.

Continue reading Hysteria Project (PSP Minis Review)