Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Release Dates Announced

Sony have been way too quiet about the latest Sly Cooper game, but at least some release dates have been squeezed out of them. America will get the game February 5th, while Europe will have to settle for a vague ‘March’ date. Cheers.

We’d like to say that at least the game won’t get lost amidst all the Christmas releases, but so many big titles are going for that tactic now that we’re getting a second glut of games spilling over into the first quarter of 2013.

At least we’ll be able to play the game on both our PS3s and Vitas as the game supports cross-play. Buy the PS3 version and you’ll be able to download the Vita copy free. Both versions will be available on the PSN at the same time it hits the shops too.

If you’re yet to play any of the Sly games, we’d recommend picking up the Sly HD Trilogy on PS3 to get up to date in time for the fourth game.


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