Play Expo Coming To Manchester

Live up North and don’t want to get ripped off for a train to London for the Eurogamer Expo? You’ll be glad to hear that a brand new gaming expo is heading to Manchester’s Event City near the Trafford Centre.

Taking place on the 13th and 14th of October, the event will see publishers including the likes of Nintendo, EA, Konami and Namco Bandai bringing their top titles for you to try out on consoles and handhelds. Nintendo have also recently confirmed that they will be bringing the Wii U with them.

Retro gamers will enjoy the Replay area that’ll be packed with old classics and it wouldn’t be an expo without a Cosplay contest. All details including ticket info, line-ups and travel info can be found at the website. Seeing as EG doesn’t seem to be coming back to Leeds anytime soon, you should head on down.

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