Borderlands 2 Box Art Accused Of Ripping Off Brit Artist’s Work, Pitchford Responds Admirably

Someone at Gearbox Software might be out of a job by Monday morning. The inside cover for Borderlands 2 features an image ridiculously similar to one created by popular UK artist Olly Moss.

Moss is known for designing movie posters for The Dark Knight and Moon amongst others and Resistance 3 on the PS3. He was also commissioned to create some posters for the Star Wars movies for the Mondo art house and it’s one of these images that’s causing the problem.

Borderlands 2 Image

Star Wars Image

Case closed. The artist at Gearbox can’t even claim ‘inspired by,’ this is plagiarism at its most obvious.

Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford, has been quick to reach out to Olly Moss via twitter and it looks like Moss might do doing some work for Gearbox soon. Or maybe just compensated for the work he’s already done. It’ll be interesting to see if Mondo, the art house that commissioned the original pieces, will be taking action though.



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