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E3 Battleborn trailer shows off gameplay

The new E3 trailer for Battleborn has been released early and it’s looking pretty good. We’ll remain cautious until we’ve got our hands on the new FPS/MOBA hybrid as Gearbox’s output in recent years has varied considerably (Borderlands series – ace. Aliens: Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem’ Forever – balls.).

It’s undeniably pretty though, reminding me of the colourful aesthetic of WildStar. Unlike WildStar though, Battleborn will be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One as well as the PC. With any luck we’ll find out how the FPS/MOBA model is going to work out as more details emerge during E3.  Continue reading E3 Battleborn trailer shows off gameplay

Sega and Gearbox Respond to Lawsuit

Earlier this week we reported that a class action lawsuit had been filed against Sega and Gearbox software on the grounds of false advertising for Aliens: Colonial Marines. As we all found out on launch day, Sega released a game that bore little resemblance to the one displayed during numerous trade shows like E3. Animations, lighting and scenes were obviously spruced up for a stage demo before being returned to the ugly mess for the actual game committed to disc. Review embargoes also meant there was no time to warn faithful fans who pre-ordered the game.

Well, both Sega and Gearbox have given statement via IGN. Gearbox seem bullish straight out of the blocks, “Attempting to wring a class action lawsuit out of a demonstration is beyond meritless. We continue to support the game, and will defend the rights of entertainers to share their works-in-progress without fear of frivolous litigation.”

While Sega made a similar statement, it was slightly more reserved, “Sega cannot comment on specifics of ongoing litigation, but we are confident that the lawsuit is without merit and we will defend it vigorously.” Continue reading Sega and Gearbox Respond to Lawsuit

Aliens: Colonial Marines (Review)

Gearbox’s first -and hopefully last- bug hunt

After Duke Nukem’ Forever, you wouldn’t be insane to doubt Gearbox Software’s capabilities. But hold on a sec, they were only finishing off someone else’s mess right? They were just keen to finally get the game out. Even so, pride should have stopped them releasing it in such a poor state.

Then Borderlands 2 came along and was met with great sales and wide critical acclaim. So, maybe their frequently delayed Aliens: Colonial Marines would be ok on the day. After all, it’s been Gearbox’s game since birth and numerous videos clearly show a franchise-adoring staff. So, they wouldn’t f**k it up, right? Cue the angry sobbing.

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Borderlands 2 Box Art Accused Of Ripping Off Brit Artist’s Work, Pitchford Responds Admirably

Someone at Gearbox Software might be out of a job by Monday morning. The inside cover for Borderlands 2 features an image ridiculously similar to one created by popular UK artist Olly Moss.

Moss is known for designing movie posters for The Dark Knight and Moon amongst others and Resistance 3 on the PS3. He was also commissioned to create some posters for the Star Wars movies for the Mondo art house and it’s one of these images that’s causing the problem.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Playable At Eurogamer Expo

That’s right; the game that some of us believed would never see the light of day will be playable at Eurogamer’s mammoth public show! Coming from the mighty Gearbox studio, we hope this delayed title is more like the awesome Borderlands 2 rather than their last title, the abomination that was Duke Nukem Forever.

Let’s face it though; it’s going to have to try really hard to not be awesome. Randy Pitchford is probably bouncing around his office with excitement as we speak. Check out Tom’s preview to see what all the fuss is about. The Eurogamer Expo runs from the 27th-30th September at Earl’s Court, London. There are still tickets remaining, but you’re going to have to be quick.

Or maybe you’d like some free tickets?

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