Castle Crashers PC Release Date Announced

How has it taken this long? Must surely be the questions on thousands of PC gamer’s lips? Originally released on XBLA in 2008, I thought PS3 gamers had it bad waiting until 2010 to play this little corker.

This old school scrolling beat ‘em up features simple controls and basic levelling up elements, making it very accessible to all gamers. Four-player co-op is just a dream too, not to mention it makes the boss battles less frustrating.

Featuring 25 characters to unlock and over 40 weapons, the replay value is great. If you don’t obsess over collecting all the floating animal orb companions you might be a bit dead inside.

The game will be available on Steam September 26th. That’s less than three days away. So make sure to pick it up and join the three million other owners of this cult cell-shaded combotastic behemoth.


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