Game Providing Free Wi-Fi In All Stores By Christmas

In a move to get more people into stores, Game are enhancing the digital experience on the high street by providing free access to Wi-Fi service in all of their shops.

A Game app will provide customers with information on products and stores will have QR codes to scan which will link to in-store promotions and products.

Here at Dealspwn we’ve often spoke about how high-street stores need to move towards providing something of a social hub experience, and while there’s no mention of them selling coffee and doughnuts and sticking a few chairs in, we’re liking the new direction the company is heading towards since the new retail boss, Martyn Gibbs, moved in.

Gibbs had this to say to trade magazine MCV, “The introduction of in-store Wi-Fi signals a new level of customer experience and a major step towards achieving our vision of delivering excellence for the UK gaming community.”

Then adding, “Just as in the music and home movie market, online has revolutionised the way we discover and access new video games. As a company we are constantly evolving, listening to our customers, and adapting our approach to deliver for them.”

Linking this free service with Wi-Fi enabled consoles like the 3DS and PS Vita could be an essential route towards getting people in the stores. If game can try to secure some unique content, even if it’s something small like a costume or car livery, it’s getting people in there.

Rather than seeing the internet as competition, perhaps using it towards their advantage is a good way to go. We’ve already seen the wise move of each store having its own Twitter account and this can’t harm things either.


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