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PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (Review)

Requested and rumoured for years, we finally have a game putting together a rich collection of the finest PlayStation-exclusive characters along with some top names from third-party brands for a mighty punch-up. The comparisons to Nintendo’s Smash Brothers are obvious, as they always were going to be, but I’m here to review the game on its own merits.

Buying the PS3 game also gives you access to a free download of the Vita version and I’ll go into details about the portable options later on. Let’s get stuck into the game itself on PS3 first.

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Raiden Slices Up The Competition In PlayStation All-Stars

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance star, Raiden has been added to the upcoming multiplayer brawler, SuperSmash PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. He’s the latest third-party All-Star to be added to the ranks and it looks like he’s not going to make Sackboy’s life any easier thanks to him packing some deadly blade attacks.

I raised some concerns with my Gamescom Hands-On Preview that characters with swords seemed to significantly out-balance everyone else in the game and this video shows Raiden going along with that theory nicely. Hot damn he’s looking pretty badass though. With his Special attacks displaying killer moves like spinning heel blades, a stun attack slice-fest and a merciless charge on competitors trying to hide in cardboard boxes.

Other recent inclusions that you may have missed are Nariko (Heavenly Sword), Evil Cole (inFamous) and Sir. Daniel (MediEvil). But will any of them be able to stand up against the seemingly unbeatable Kratos?

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (Hands-on Preview)

Four player brawlers are something of a rarity these days, especially if your dusty Nintendo consoles have been boxed up for a while. Skirting around the much-mentioned copycat nature of the game, what we have here is an impressive collection of PlayStation’s most iconic first-party characters (and Fat Princess) plus a select few third-party heroes kicking the pixelated hell out of each other.

As well as brawling, the game is also something of a platformer as the game is set in 2D levels with players able to leap around platforms and sometimes even bounce off the walls or fall into traps below.

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Sony E3 2012 Press Conference Highlights

To kick things off, Jack Tretton (President and CEO of SCEA) welcomes David Cage to the stage. The creative mind behind Heavy Rain finally announces the next game from Quantic Dream, Beyond: Two Souls. Here’s what he had to say:

“Death is the biggest mystery of mankind. What will happen after we die is something no-one knows. We all have our hopes, our fears, our doubts. But what’s on the other side remains unknown. Jodie Holmes knows a little bit more about all this than you and I. As far as she remembers, she has always felt a link with an invisible entity. Some presence around her, a spirit or ghost; she doesn’t really know. Something living between our world and the other side. Beyond tells Jodie’s story over fifteen years of her life. We will see her growing, evolving, learning to live with a difference. And discovering more about what’s beyond. For the first time in a videogame we will live the life of a character, go with her through happy and difficult times and help her to become who she is.”

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