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God of War: Ascension (Review)

gowFollowing up the cataclysmic events of God of War III must have been a terrifying ordeal for a studio to go through. However, when a series already has a prequel along with another game filling the gap between games one and two I struggled to see how Kratos’ adventures could do anything but go forwards.

In an old panel interview with the other four individual God of War director’s, David Jaffe (GOW1) said that he would have liked to see gods from around the world (think Norse and Chinese) move in on Olympus in a power vacuum caused by the death of the Zeus and his brethren. That would have been an unbelievably hot premise and the only true way to follow up Kratos’ gloriously enraged finale. It’s going to happen; it’s too good an idea to not. But sadly, I expect we’ll have to wait until PlayStation 4 as Sony are playing it safe with this prequel set before even the events of Chains of Olympus.

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Last of Us Demo in New God of War Game Not Available For Over Two Months

To anyone thinking of picking up God of War: Ascension to get their hands on the exclusive The Last of Us demo we’d advise some caution. It would seem that the demo isn’t quite ready. There’s a button to access the demo from God of War’s main menu, but it takes you to a countdown page counting down to May 31st. Continue reading Last of Us Demo in New God of War Game Not Available For Over Two Months

See Sad Kratos in New God of War: Ascension Story Trailer

Ha ha! Kratos has feelings, what a lady! Joking aside, see a softer side to Kratos in this story teaser trailer for the upcoming God of War: Ascension. Then watch him stab up a few massive beasties including the Elephant-man (no, not that one) and a previously unseen Kraken-esque sea-beast.

March can’t come soon enough for Kratos’ next adventure as we’ve all but forgotten our initial apathy towards the game upon hearing it was another prequel. For any PlayStation Plus subscribers out there don’t forget you can get free access to the game’s online multiplayer beta right now.

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Sony E3 2012 Press Conference Highlights

To kick things off, Jack Tretton (President and CEO of SCEA) welcomes David Cage to the stage. The creative mind behind Heavy Rain finally announces the next game from Quantic Dream, Beyond: Two Souls. Here’s what he had to say:

“Death is the biggest mystery of mankind. What will happen after we die is something no-one knows. We all have our hopes, our fears, our doubts. But what’s on the other side remains unknown. Jodie Holmes knows a little bit more about all this than you and I. As far as she remembers, she has always felt a link with an invisible entity. Some presence around her, a spirit or ghost; she doesn’t really know. Something living between our world and the other side. Beyond tells Jodie’s story over fifteen years of her life. We will see her growing, evolving, learning to live with a difference. And discovering more about what’s beyond. For the first time in a videogame we will live the life of a character, go with her through happy and difficult times and help her to become who she is.”

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