Alice: Madness Returns | New Trailer

If you’re yet to check out the latest sneak-peak trailer for the upcoming Alice: Madness Returns we suggest you do so right now. Go on, we’ll wait… Pretty nasty towards the end wasn’t it?

Although we’ve seen very little of this sequel to 2000’s American McGee’s Alice, we’re massively excited, especially seeing as the original platfroming/stabby game was a PC only release.

Taking place 11 years after the original, it resumes with Alice in an asylum, before inevitably making her way back to Wonderland. The story won’t leave out gamers who haven’t played the original though. So if you want a real dark version of the Alice in Wonderland tale, keep your eyes on Dealspwn for the latest info. And don’t watch the Tim Burton movie, it’ll just make you angry.

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