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Sabrewulf Replaces Jago in Killer Instinct

Since launch on the Xbox One, Jago has been the sole free fighter in Killer Instinct with everyone else available to purchase separately. However, Microsoft has just released a patch to replace him with Sabrewulf so players can try a new character free of charge, which could help lapsed gamers return to the fold.

The latest patch also introduces a number of fixes which you can find below courtesy of the game’s website. For more information on the game’s character bundles, click here. Jon has a review of the game too. Continue reading Sabrewulf Replaces Jago in Killer Instinct

Orchid Smashes Into Killer Instinct’s Roster

The Killer Instinct reboot is the only next-gen fighter on the horizon and we’re seeing more characters being added to the free-to-play(ish) title. The latest addition is Orchid, a baton-wielding female fighter who transforms into a tiger. So yeah, she’s a bit feisty.

The new trailer shows her giving a hell of a beating to Jago and there’s a bit of tease for Spinal being the next character to be announced too. If you haven’t heard already, the game will be an exclusive free download on the Xbox One, but all the characters -except for Jago- will have to be paid for separately. It’s an interesting concept, especially as many fighter fans usually stick with a small handful of characters, so it could work. Fingers crossed that you’ll at least be able to try them out before buying though. For more details on pricing and bundles click here. Continue reading Orchid Smashes Into Killer Instinct’s Roster

Killer Instinct Pricing and Bundles Announced

Since the E3 reveal we’ve been keen to find out what the pricing plans were for the DLC-structured beat ’em up. As you may already know, the game will be available as a free download with just Jago to play as. Awesome news for Jago purists, but others will be wanting more.

Additional characters will cost £3.99/$4.99 each. An additional six brawlers will be available at launch with another two to follow shortly after.

For players wanting to really pack out their rosters, two bundle packs will also be available. For £16.99/$19.99 you’ll be able to buy the Combo Breaker pack which features the aforementioned eight fighters, saving you 50% on buying them separately. Continue reading Killer Instinct Pricing and Bundles Announced