Orchid Smashes Into Killer Instinct’s Roster

The Killer Instinct reboot is the only next-gen fighter on the horizon and we’re seeing more characters being added to the free-to-play(ish) title. The latest addition is Orchid, a baton-wielding female fighter who transforms into a tiger. So yeah, she’s a bit feisty.

The new trailer shows her giving a hell of a beating to Jago and there’s a bit of tease for Spinal being the next character to be announced too. If you haven’t heard already, the game will be an exclusive free download on the Xbox One, but all the characters -except for Jago- will have to be paid for separately. It’s an interesting concept, especially as many fighter fans usually stick with a small handful of characters, so it could work. Fingers crossed that you’ll at least be able to try them out before buying though. For more details on pricing and bundles click here.

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