Ryse: Son of Rome Multiplayer Revealed

Microsoft and Crytek have just released a new video displaying Ryse’s co-op mode. This mode is based in gladiatorial arenas like the Colosseum. With a partner, you’ll take on waves of enemies, but will also have to be mindful of the arena itself. Tiles of the floor will shift and change to reveal spike pits, fire and other career-shredding opportunities for you to lumber into. Of course, you’ll be able to use them to your advantage too by shoving enemies into them.

We ‘Ave all the gory details and the all-important trailer below.

We’ve had some fears about the combat since the E3 reveal as it seems to be one long quick-time-event. Crytek are understandably keen to elaborate on why we should expect more depth:

Attacks and Timing. The basis for all combat is a mastery of timing of attacks and blocks: the tighter the timing the better the player will perform. For example, a perfectly timed block will not only deflect an incoming attack but also throw the enemy wide open, making the counter attack much more effective. And the shield is not just for blocking; it can be just as potent as the sword if used correctly.

Executions. When an enemy has been nearly defeated, an Execution can be enabled to finish them off. These are made up of a series of timed blows using either the sword or the shield, with associated rewards that can be assigned to different perks. There are three Execution Tiers; players must open up the higher level tiers to experience the most dramatic Executions. There are well over 100 different Executions in the game: some are location-sensitive, like dropping an enemy on a conveniently-placed spike or kicking them off a wall; and some are performed by executing multiple enemies at the same time. There are also special combo-Executions that can be performed in co-op mode.” [Xbox Wire]

It still sounds like QTEs to be honest, but we’ll wait to actually get our own hands on the game at Gamescom before damning it’s controls more. Besides we need to save some time to say how derisive, generic and dull the arena combat mode looks. Actually, take a look at the trailer and see for yourself.

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