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Dev Session Videos From Eurogamer Expo – Day 3

Last week I rounded up the developer session videos from Day1 and Day 2 of the Eurogamer Expo, which hopefully gave you a nice afternoon of chilling out and catching up on the inside knowledge of the hottest upcoming games. Want to do it again? Of course you do. Why not add the videos to your ‘Watch Later’ list on YouTube, then enjoy them on your TV via the YouTube app on your PS3 or 360. Well here’s Day 3’s coverage for you:

Firefly Revealed for Batman: Arkham Origins

Good old Warner Bros. We wouldn’t want any bad guy appearances to be a surprise for us in Batman: Arkham Origins now would we? So yes, WB are once again building up momentum for their new game by showcasing each of the assassin’s hired to kill the Bat.

To be fair, this trailer only shows a few glimpses of the flame-throwing ¬†jetpack enthusiast. Numerous villains make an appearance in this new video, along with a younger Jim Gordon, who’s yet to earn his commissioner stripes.

Matt and Carl will be sneaking through the rafters of the Koelnmesse arena in Cologne and unleashing some smoke bombs to get their hands on the game over the next few days so we can finally see how the game is holding up without Rocksteady at the helm. Continue reading Firefly Revealed for Batman: Arkham Origins

Gameplay Shown in New Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer

A new trailer featuring gameplay scenes was debuted in the early hours this morning at Sony’s E3 presser. We get to see Bats enjoy his trademark brawling and play with some new toys. Our favourite has to be the double grappling hook that tethers two enemies together and knocks them out by slamming them into each other.

Some new cutscene material also shows us a few enemies who are all out for the reward money provided by Black Mask for killing the Dark Knight. Bane, Deadshot, Deathstroke and even the Joker make an appearance, making us glad we’re getting a prequel. A third Arkham game just wouldn’t be the same without the lovable loon. Enjoy the trailer after the break.

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