Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – The Savior’s Choice Trailer

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Well, it’s a royal mess of a name and will mess up your alphabetised collection something rotten, but there’s still something about Square Enix’s upcoming RPG that pulls us in. We prefer to think of it as hope rather than blind belief they’ll get it right this time.

A more-action orientated approach will annoy purists, but games like the excellent Tales of Xillia prove that you can have it both ways. Plus, you’ll visit the last known home of the Moogles, although we don’t think you’ll be allowed to massacre the cheeky little sods. Pre-order the game and you’ll get a Cloud outfit from FFVII, it’s like Square Enix are actively taunting fans that have been howling for that remake. It’s double date time this Valentine’s day as Lightning arrives for her last hurrah February 14th.

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