Hellraid Gameplay Vid Shows Techland’s Creative Range

Ubisoft went super 80s retro (but in the future) with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, but Techland look set to roll back the clock even further to the Medieval times with Dead Island: Hellraid. Wait, what, this isn’t a Dead Island game? But, there are zombies, and co-op and first-person melee weapons, hell it even looks a bit rubbish? Still no?

Ok, start again. Here’s some debut gameplay footage for you from Techlands BRAND NEW SUPER DUPER IP, Hellraid. There will be a single-player campaign and a separate co-op mode, which should hopefully allow the former to be more interesting than Techland’s other famous first-person zombie slasher. It looks rather interesting to be fair, until they put health bars on weapons made of solid steel again at least. Enjoy the groundbreaking trailer after the jump!

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