Dead or Alive 5 Gets Ultimate Edition

Fighting fans who are yet to pick up Dead or Alive 5 may want to wait until the autumn as Tecmo Koei have announced a new edition, Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate for the PS3 and Xbox 360. This will feature all of the extra content included in the PS Vita game, Dead or Alive 5 Plus, namely the extra characters, stages and modes. More extras and characters are yet to be announced but we can confirm that Ninja Gaiden’s Momiji has already been added to the chest-heavy roster of fighters. Seeing as Akira is already in there, Pai, Lau, Jacky, Wolf or Sarah from Virtua Fighter may be a good fit too if anyone’s listening.

Many PS3 gamers may already own the gorgeous-looking and fun to play original DoA5 as it was available as a part of the PS Plus membership, so there will need to be some must-have content to convince them to get their wallets out. Personally, if they could tweak the counters system to be more like it was for DoA2 on the PS2 I’d be tempted. In the meantime, check out Ultimate’s trailer showing Momiji in action.

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