Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Coming to PC and PS3 in Summer

The much-delayed Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn is set for a summer release according to the game’s Executive Producer, Naoki Yoshida, “The whole team has been working at full throttle to ensure the game will be ready for a summer release,” and “It won’t be long before you can mark your calenders and begin the final countdown.”

This summer release includes both the PC and the PS3 versions, which is surprising considering the original FFXIV (which crashed and burned horribly) never even made it to Sony’s console. In all honesty, I thought this new and improved version would skip the PS3 and head to the PS4.

Before release, the game will enter phase three of beta testing in early June, which will include testing of the PS3 version for the first time. Yoshida also stated that we can expect to see a specific date for the summer release and details of the collector’s edition towards the end of this month. Considering the mauling the original version received and the fact Square Enix still seem to be going ahead with a paid subscription model we think it’ll have to be something very special to attract gamers and their monthly loyalty.


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