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Sony’s Tokyo Game Show presser dissected – A bright future?

Sony’s press conference at the Tokyo Game Show was packed with information and reveals this morning. We set our alarm clocks and watched the whole thing and were presented with some encouraging reveals. So, what did we learn from the show and what sort of future has it shown for the PS4 and PS Vita in Japan and beyond? Continue reading Sony’s Tokyo Game Show presser dissected – A bright future?

Crimson Dragon Trailer Lands at TGS

A new trailer for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Crimson Dragon, has emerged at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. We’ve not seen a lot of the game since its initial announcement, but we have to admit it’s looking pretty good at this point. Microsoft are seemingly trying to remind the Japanese market that they shouldn’t disregard the Xbox One when picking up a next-gen console next year. Frankly, we can’t believe the Panzer Dragoon series has seen so few releases in recent years.

Will exclusive games like Crimson Dragon strengthen the Microsoft brand when it has been a distant third in the East for a long time? Check out the trailer after the break and see what you think. Continue reading Crimson Dragon Trailer Lands at TGS

Monster Hunter Frontier G Coming to the Vita

It’s been a long time coming, but the PS Vita is finally getting a Monster Hunter title next year -a genuine system seller in Japan. Admittedly, it’s only a port of the PC MMORPG, Monster Hunter Frontier G from 2007. The game will also be making its way to the PS3 and Wii U later this year complete with extra monsters and worlds. The PS3/Vita versions will also share some unique content.

We’re presuming the Vita game will be taking the same release structure as the console and PC versions by being a free download, but with monthly subscriptions required. The chances of the game seeing a western release are very slim, but if the game takes off in Japan it may encourage Capcom to stop fawning over Nintendo platforms and get behind the Vita for once with regular Monster Hunter releases which would boost sales of the flagging console significantly.

We’ve got a trailer for you after the break. Continue reading Monster Hunter Frontier G Coming to the Vita

The Sunday Seven: Reasons to be Excited about PS Vita TV

Earlier this week, Sony took to the stage at the Tokyo Game Show to announce the excellent-looking PS Vita TV micro-console, which will be released in Japan later this year. Sony haven’t announced anything about a Western release beyond “stay tuned”, but considering the high interest the device has received from this half of the world, we’re expecting to get our hands on it early next year at the latest. We can’t complain really, especially as Japan is getting the Vita TV device instead of the PS4 this year. I bet they’re furious deep down, but in a really polite way.

So, is Vita TV really just a consolation prize for gamers in Sony’s homeland? Far from it, in fact, I really want one. Is that because I’ve been told I can’t? Very possibly, but here are another seven reasons why I’m crossing everything in the hope we’ll soon be plugging the little white box into a nearby TV.

Continue reading The Sunday Seven: Reasons to be Excited about PS Vita TV