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Orchid Smashes Into Killer Instinct’s Roster

The Killer Instinct reboot is the only next-gen fighter on the horizon and we’re seeing more characters being added to the free-to-play(ish) title. The latest addition is Orchid, a baton-wielding female fighter who transforms into a tiger. So yeah, she’s a bit feisty.

The new trailer shows her giving a hell of a beating to Jago and there’s a bit of tease for Spinal being the next character to be announced too. If you haven’t heard already, the game will be an exclusive free download on the Xbox One, but all the characters -except for Jago- will have to be paid for separately. It’s an interesting concept, especially as many fighter fans usually stick with a small handful of characters, so it could work. Fingers crossed that you’ll at least be able to try them out before buying though. For more details on pricing and bundles click here. Continue reading Orchid Smashes Into Killer Instinct’s Roster

NBA 2K14 Next Gen Trailer Drops Jaws

Fancy taking a peak at a graphical benchmark for next-gen sports games? Of course you do, so here’s some footage of swaggering NBA basketballers in 2K’s upcoming next-gen version of NBA 2K14. The video shows some jaw-dropping in-game graphics, with an epic Mr-T beard on the Houston Rockets’ Harden being the obvious highlight.

If genre-leading visuals are your thing, it may well be worth hanging on for the next-gen versions of the game that launch on the same days as the PS4 and Xbone. Matt reviewed the 360 version recently and gave it an 8/10, so expect big things. Continue reading NBA 2K14 Next Gen Trailer Drops Jaws

Test Driving the Racers of the Future

There are a lot of racing games on their way, perhaps too many for those of us planning to splash out on a next-gen console soon. So which of them are shaping up to be worthy of your attention? I endured the queues and hardware crashes of the Eurogamer Expo to tear around various racetracks to bring you my impressions of five of the most anticipated racers of the future on both existing and next generation platforms.

Continue reading Test Driving the Racers of the Future

Assassin’s Creed IV Trailer Shows Infamous Characters

“Dash my buttons!”

Thanks Steve Bonnet  -the latest shipmate of the good ship, Jackdaw- for my new favourite phrase. The jovial Brit is introduced as a rich thrill-seeker who we imagine is going to get more than he bargained for. Especially when he finds himself in a world packed with infamous pirates like Charles Vane and Blackbeard.

This latest trailer is more of a visual showcase of the game’s characters, so don’t expect much gameplay. Do expect some top-notch next-gen visuals though. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was one of the best-looking next-gen games I saw at this week’s  Eurogamer Expo. Hell, it was one of the best games I played there full stop.

So how about it readers? Did you head down to Earl’s Court to play some pirates? And have you made up which generation you’re going to opt for when the game is released? Continue reading Assassin’s Creed IV Trailer Shows Infamous Characters

Crimson Dragon Trailer Lands at TGS

A new trailer for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Crimson Dragon, has emerged at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. We’ve not seen a lot of the game since its initial announcement, but we have to admit it’s looking pretty good at this point. Microsoft are seemingly trying to remind the Japanese market that they shouldn’t disregard the Xbox One when picking up a next-gen console next year. Frankly, we can’t believe the Panzer Dragoon series has seen so few releases in recent years.

Will exclusive games like Crimson Dragon strengthen the Microsoft brand when it has been a distant third in the East for a long time? Check out the trailer after the break and see what you think. Continue reading Crimson Dragon Trailer Lands at TGS

New Shadow Warrior Gameplay Trailer

Want an old-school shooter, but one that doesn’t feel like it’s stuck in the past? Quiet, Painkiller HD, nobody wants to play you. You really need to check out the new gameplay trailer for the reboot of Shadow Warrior. There’s a gory mess of first-person sword attacks and bloody massive rocket launchers against all sorts of opponents.

Plus, the protagonist is called Wang. Any trailer that open with “you’ve got Wang” when answering the phone has our attention. Childish? Most certainly. A much needed dose of silliness in a genre obsessed by realism? You bet. Enjoy the weird after the break. Continue reading New Shadow Warrior Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield 4 Gets Two New Gamescom Trailers

Wow, even on the lower settings on YouTube, this game looks amazing. We’ve scavenged two trailers from EA’s Gamescom presser for you. The first is the Paracel Storm multiplayer trailer which looks like the ultimate in modern updates to the Pacific Island battles of Battlefield 1943.

The second video shows off the game’s varied ‘Levolution’ concepts, destroying the environment to your advantage, or just because it looks so damn cool. The competition for the years hottest FPS just got a lot tougher for Activision’s Ghosts. Continue reading Battlefield 4 Gets Two New Gamescom Trailers

Killer Instinct Pricing and Bundles Announced

Since the E3 reveal we’ve been keen to find out what the pricing plans were for the DLC-structured beat ’em up. As you may already know, the game will be available as a free download with just Jago to play as. Awesome news for Jago purists, but others will be wanting more.

Additional characters will cost £3.99/$4.99 each. An additional six brawlers will be available at launch with another two to follow shortly after.

For players wanting to really pack out their rosters, two bundle packs will also be available. For £16.99/$19.99 you’ll be able to buy the Combo Breaker pack which features the aforementioned eight fighters, saving you 50% on buying them separately. Continue reading Killer Instinct Pricing and Bundles Announced

Ryse: Son of Rome Multiplayer Revealed

Microsoft and Crytek have just released a new video displaying Ryse’s co-op mode. This mode is based in gladiatorial arenas like the Colosseum. With a partner, you’ll take on waves of enemies, but will also have to be mindful of the arena itself. Tiles of the floor will shift and change to reveal spike pits, fire and other career-shredding opportunities for you to lumber into. Of course, you’ll be able to use them to your advantage too by shoving enemies into them.

We ‘Ave all the gory details and the all-important trailer below.

Continue reading Ryse: Son of Rome Multiplayer Revealed

12 Minutes of Dying Light Gameplay

We’ve been dying (sorry) to see Dying Light in action since its initial E3 reveal and Techland have finally unleashed some gameplay footage. This survival action game takes the Dead Island template and adds in some slick parkour moves to spice up the action.

It’s about time developers started to take some influence from the criminally under-appreciated Mirror’s Edge and we have our fingers crossed this will be more fun to play than Brink. Gameplay here looks to be very open, with tough choices needing to be made on the fly, as shown when discovering a lone survivor on the way to a supply drop.

You’ll also get a brief look at how much of a bad idea it is to be caught outside after dark in Dying Light. We’ll presume the almost instant transition to night-time was sped up a little for display purposes in this mission, but it would appear direct combat is a big no no at night. The zombies appear to go through some sort of transformation, becoming faster, stronger and more agile requiring intense sneaking around or terrifying sprints when discovered. Consider this one back on our radars. Enjoy the video after the break. Continue reading 12 Minutes of Dying Light Gameplay

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Updates Explained

With the new season getting ever closer, we’re beginning to get excited for FIFA 14 again. Or maybe you’re just waiting to pick up FIFA 13 for dirt cheap as soon as the  new one comes out? If you do that though you’ll miss out on all these new changes to Ultimate Team mode.

In addition to team chemistry tweaks players can look forward to the return of online single matches in UT mode along with an expanded seasons mode. Check out the press release notes after the break, or keep scrolling for a quick video instead. Continue reading FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Updates Explained

Dead Rising 3 Dev Diary Shows Sick Skills

When Dead Rising 3 debuted at E3 we were of the opinion it was a bit on the brown and ugly side. And it still is. But thanks to this latest dev diary we’re a little bit more optimistic as we get to see lots of different ways to dismember the undead masses and a few glimpses of humour along the way.

Dual-wielding triple barrel machine guns, nail guns, axes, exploding baseballs and more will be at your disposable. Taping together ridiculous combinations of items will also once again be actively encouraged. You’ll also get a better look at some of the different zombie classes you’ll come up against. Charging football jocks, trigger happy cops and inmates. All fairly vulnerable to a chainsaw to the guts it would seem though. A luchadore outfit dresses you for the occassion of wrestling zombies in the ring too, just in-case you were thinking the series was looking a bit ‘normal.’ There’ll have to be a severe financial incentive involved to get us to fight them dressed in a banana hammock though. Continue reading Dead Rising 3 Dev Diary Shows Sick Skills

Underwater Stage and Riley the COD Dog Gameplay Debuted for Call of Duty: Ghosts

The live gameplay reveal for Call of Duty: Ghosts has just been shown giving gamers an early look at what the press are going to see at E3 in a few days’ time.

The demo begins with an underwater section that resembles many of the stealthy follow missions in previous Call of Duty games. You follow your AI partner around some highly detailed reefs, populated by schools of fish and apparently not-that-hungry sharks. The demo was running on ‘next-gen hardware’ but some of the finer detail was lost due to the live stream nature of the feed. We’re sure a shiny HD version of the demo will emerge over the next few days though.

After another bit of stage chatter, we finally get to see the COD Dog in action, or should I say, Riley. Infinity Ward have named the canine after his namesake in a few previous Call of Duty titles. I know, I thought  they were going to go for Price too when they mentioned pleasing fans.

Riley looks awesome though, and we’ll be able to directly control him. This is reasoned-out by him having a pop-up camera mounted on his back and vibrating sensors behind each ear telling him which direction to move in. The German shepherd can be sent to silently dispatch lone targets. Well, silent apart from their terrified screams.

Commands can also be issued, but this may be something the AI takes care of. Upon cracking the glass in a window, the AI partner simply says ‘search’ and Riley smashes through, alarming a group of guards inside before the door suddenly explodes in slow-motion with one enemy soldier flailing to stop Riley eating his face and the others barely even noticing your presence in what appears to be Ghost’s version of a ‘breach’ assault.

The demonstration closes with an impression of the E3 arena’s 120-foot screen showing a montage. Sadly, this looks very thin on your laptop or TV as they try to cram in the whole image.

Just in case you missed the presentation on your Machinima App on your Xbox 360 because it crashed (well worth £30 a year, Microsoft), here’s a link to the replay on the Call of Duty site. Just skip the 30-minute countdown to get to the presentation. We’ll bring you a YouTube link as soon as possible.

It may only be a glimpse, but we’re looking forward to the November 5th release date already.