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Rockstar Invite You To GTA V’s Blaine County

A new trailer has emerged this weekend for Grand Theft Auto V in the shape of a ‘My Blaine County’ promo. This is just showing a small part of the game’s huge world, a part stuffed with rednecks and trailer trash that is. We’re presuming this is where’s we’ll be finding Trevor during any downtime he gets.

This is going to be huge. It’s fine, I’ve got two days to burn through my reviews backlog, I can do it. Although, I do feel a cold coming on… Continue reading Rockstar Invite You To GTA V’s Blaine County

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – The Savior’s Choice Trailer

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Well, it’s a royal mess of a name and will mess up your alphabetised collection something rotten, but there’s still something about Square Enix’s upcoming RPG that pulls us in. We prefer to think of it as hope rather than blind belief they’ll get it right this time.

A more-action orientated approach will annoy purists, but games like the excellent Tales of Xillia prove that you can have it both ways. Plus, you’ll visit the last known home of the Moogles, although we don’t think you’ll be allowed to massacre the cheeky little sods. Pre-order the game and you’ll get a Cloud outfit from FFVII, it’s like Square Enix are actively taunting fans that have been howling for that remake. It’s double date time this Valentine’s day as Lightning arrives for her last hurrah February 14th. Continue reading Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – The Savior’s Choice Trailer

12 Minutes of Dying Light Gameplay

We’ve been dying (sorry) to see Dying Light in action since its initial E3 reveal and Techland have finally unleashed some gameplay footage. This survival action game takes the Dead Island template and adds in some slick parkour moves to spice up the action.

It’s about time developers started to take some influence from the criminally under-appreciated Mirror’s Edge and we have our fingers crossed this will be more fun to play than Brink. Gameplay here looks to be very open, with tough choices needing to be made on the fly, as shown when discovering a lone survivor on the way to a supply drop.

You’ll also get a brief look at how much of a bad idea it is to be caught outside after dark in Dying Light. We’ll presume the almost instant transition to night-time was sped up a little for display purposes in this mission, but it would appear direct combat is a big no no at night. The zombies appear to go through some sort of transformation, becoming faster, stronger and more agile requiring intense sneaking around or terrifying sprints when discovered. Consider this one back on our radars. Enjoy the video after the break. Continue reading 12 Minutes of Dying Light Gameplay

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Updates Explained

With the new season getting ever closer, we’re beginning to get excited for FIFA 14 again. Or maybe you’re just waiting to pick up FIFA 13 for dirt cheap as soon as the  new one comes out? If you do that though you’ll miss out on all these new changes to Ultimate Team mode.

In addition to team chemistry tweaks players can look forward to the return of online single matches in UT mode along with an expanded seasons mode. Check out the press release notes after the break, or keep scrolling for a quick video instead. Continue reading FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Updates Explained

Deadpool (Review)

The spandex-sporting shooty, slicy, shouty scamp

The superhero barrel gets another scraping for yet another video game tie-in. This time, for Marvel’s Merc With a Mouth, Deadpool. The dude hasn’t even had a movie yet. But hey, that might work in his favour.

Newcomers to Deadpool’s universe should know that he’s known as a character that frequently breaks the fourth wall in comics. Essentially, he knows he’s a comic book character even though everyone else in the Marvel Universe has no idea. This allows him to constantly talk to the readers and share jokes with them, often at the bewilderment of the likes of Wolverine who can’t fathom why he’s so laid-back all the time (he’s already skimmed through the script of this game for example). Continue reading Deadpool (Review)

LoveFilm Existing Game Subscribers Clarification

Earlier this week LoveFilm sadly announced that they would not be letting new or existing customers sign up to any game rental packages on the site. However, it wasn’t particularly clear what would be happening if a customer already had a games rental package.

As many of our readers -and indeed our staff-  enjoy LoveFilm’s game rental services, we reached out for answers and received this reply: Continue reading LoveFilm Existing Game Subscribers Clarification

Have 10 Minutes of Fresh Saints Row IV Footage

Couldn’t make it to E3? Fear not, we’ve got the video that was shown behind closed doors in LA. It begins by showing you as the President of the United States in your first encounter with the alien forces at the white house, including the use of a massive cannon in the garden. Later on, you get to see more action out on the streets. They really have ramped up the crazy to 11.

Looking at all the over-the-top action and sci-fi enhancements that you can add to give you super-human powers, it couldn’t have distanced itself from GTA and further. This is a good thing though and we can’t wait to play the game at the end of August. Check out the video after the break and have a read of Matt’s hands-on preview too. Continue reading Have 10 Minutes of Fresh Saints Row IV Footage

3DS Ends Xbox 360’s 28 Month Hardware Number 1 Streak

After an impressive 28 months sitting atop the US hardware charts, the Xbox 360 has finally been outsold, by the 3DS no less [Joystiq]. This was achieved with considerable help from Top Ten appearances in the all-format charts from Donkey Kong: Country Returns (3), Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (5) and Lego Batman 2 (10). Continue reading 3DS Ends Xbox 360’s 28 Month Hardware Number 1 Streak

Gameplay Shown in New Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer

A new trailer featuring gameplay scenes was debuted in the early hours this morning at Sony’s E3 presser. We get to see Bats enjoy his trademark brawling and play with some new toys. Our favourite has to be the double grappling hook that tethers two enemies together and knocks them out by slamming them into each other.

Some new cutscene material also shows us a few enemies who are all out for the reward money provided by Black Mask for killing the Dark Knight. Bane, Deadshot, Deathstroke and even the Joker make an appearance, making us glad we’re getting a prequel. A third Arkham game just wouldn’t be the same without the lovable loon. Enjoy the trailer after the break.

Continue reading Gameplay Shown in New Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer

Fuse (Review)

Insomniac’s first outing since leaving Sony’s nest was always going to be a tough task. But with such a strong history of inventive weaponry in the Ratchet & Clank and Resistance games, chances were that anything they put their minds too involving boomsticks would be fun.

Fuse is a third-person cover shooter with a heavy emphasis on co-op. With the multiplatform competition consisting of the like of Kane & Lynch and Army of Two, it’s all there for the taking. Fusepacks a little extra punch by allowing for four-player co-op action, rather than a paltry two.

Continue reading Fuse (Review)

Underwater Stage and Riley the COD Dog Gameplay Debuted for Call of Duty: Ghosts

The live gameplay reveal for Call of Duty: Ghosts has just been shown giving gamers an early look at what the press are going to see at E3 in a few days’ time.

The demo begins with an underwater section that resembles many of the stealthy follow missions in previous Call of Duty games. You follow your AI partner around some highly detailed reefs, populated by schools of fish and apparently not-that-hungry sharks. The demo was running on ‘next-gen hardware’ but some of the finer detail was lost due to the live stream nature of the feed. We’re sure a shiny HD version of the demo will emerge over the next few days though.

After another bit of stage chatter, we finally get to see the COD Dog in action, or should I say, Riley. Infinity Ward have named the canine after his namesake in a few previous Call of Duty titles. I know, I thought  they were going to go for Price too when they mentioned pleasing fans.

Riley looks awesome though, and we’ll be able to directly control him. This is reasoned-out by him having a pop-up camera mounted on his back and vibrating sensors behind each ear telling him which direction to move in. The German shepherd can be sent to silently dispatch lone targets. Well, silent apart from their terrified screams.

Commands can also be issued, but this may be something the AI takes care of. Upon cracking the glass in a window, the AI partner simply says ‘search’ and Riley smashes through, alarming a group of guards inside before the door suddenly explodes in slow-motion with one enemy soldier flailing to stop Riley eating his face and the others barely even noticing your presence in what appears to be Ghost’s version of a ‘breach’ assault.

The demonstration closes with an impression of the E3 arena’s 120-foot screen showing a montage. Sadly, this looks very thin on your laptop or TV as they try to cram in the whole image.

Just in case you missed the presentation on your Machinima App on your Xbox 360 because it crashed (well worth £30 a year, Microsoft), here’s a link to the replay on the Call of Duty site. Just skip the 30-minute countdown to get to the presentation. We’ll bring you a YouTube link as soon as possible.

It may only be a glimpse, but we’re looking forward to the November 5th release date already.

REPORT: Original Far Cry Coming to Consoles in HD

A HD re-release of the original Far Cry game has been spotted on the Brazilian Ratings Board. With the original 2004 release being a PC exclusive, this is good news for PS3 and 360 gamers.

The Crytek  developed shooter was set in tropical locations similar to the ones we loved in Far Cry 3 and is something console gamers would probably be keen to investigate. Ubisoft haven’t officially announced the HD makeover yet, but with Far Cry 3 shifting over six million units and Blood Dragon proving to be a big hit, we think this is a no brainer. The Brazilian Ratings Board were also behind the early unveiling of Blood Dragon, so this is probably legit.


The Walking Dead: Retail Edition (Review)

After receiving widespread critical acclaim over the course of the first season of the episodic download game series, The Walking Dead has finally followed the tracks and shuffled its way to retail. Telltale have missed an opportunity though as this release features no extras, like making of videos, interviews and so on. Hell, if they’d chucked a poster in they could have called it the Collector’s Edition.

I’m making a fuss about this because as many of you will be aware you can download the series on PSN/XBLA for around £15 or even cheaper on PC or during a sale, but the RRP for this is £30. I love having physical copies of games, but you may want to buy this digitally or wait until this version drops in price, which it surely will. At least with this on the shelves it may stop people buying Activision’s awful -entirely unrelated- The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct by mistake.

Continue reading The Walking Dead: Retail Edition (Review)

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (Review)

I should begin this review with a public warning announcement. This Walking Dead game has nothing to do with the multiple award-winning downloadable series The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. Whereas that game was based on the comics, this is based on the AMC TV series and is a first-person action game.

Seeing as the critically acclaimed one that features multiple story choices and plays more likeHeavy Rain than Dead Island has just been released at retail too (review incoming), we wouldn’t want you to pick this one up by mistake.

Continue reading The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (Review)

The Walking Dead Episodes 1-5 Hits Retail Tomorrow

A disc version of Telltale Games’ multi-award winning The Walking Dead series is finally getting a physical release on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC tomorrow. All five episodes will come packaged on the disc. This gives players who may be wary of handing over their credit card details online (not that Sony or Microsoft ever have any security breaches, ahem) a chance to play the zombie survival series that many publications awarded ‘Game of the Year’ last year, including us.

Details and trailer after the break.

Continue reading The Walking Dead Episodes 1-5 Hits Retail Tomorrow

Why We Love… Single Player Games

Recent news has seen gamers lash out over the launch fiasco surrounding EA’s latest SimCity title. The game requires an always-on internet connection, which meant it broke as soon as it went live as thousands of enthusiastic gamers tried to play at once.

This happened days after Crytek CEO, Cervat Yerli, said, “I think the notion of a single-player experience has to go away.” Instead, he believes there should be more integration with the online world with “online single-player.” So, while keen to plug his upcoming online game, Warface, he’s stupidly kicked his other game –Crysis 3– in the stones. Guess we know why Crysis 2 and 3’s single-player modes can only muster a rental recommendation then.

Continue reading Why We Love… Single Player Games

Injustice: Gods Among Us Demo Incoming

Heads up fight fans, Warner Bros. Interactive have confirmed that Injustice: Gods Among Us is getting a PS3 and 360 demo next week. April 3rd is the date the demo will land on both platforms in EU territories, or a day earlier in the US.

The demo will allow you to try out Batman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor. They’re not the most energetic of scrappers from what we’ve seen in the gameplay bouts released so far. Superman and The Flash look much more appealing to be honest. Even so we can’t wait to try out the destructible interactive environments that look to give Injustice an edge over the competition. There are a few gameplay trailers after the break too including a new Green Arrow Vs Black Adam fight. Continue reading Injustice: Gods Among Us Demo Incoming

Final Tomb Raider Dev Diary Video

The long-awaited reboot of Tomb Raider is now merely days away and we can’t wait. Naturally, we’ll have a review for you very soon. Until then, why not check out the final dev diary for the game and witness the ever so slightly over-dramatic music and feeling they’ve tried to inject into the video. We’re also trying to ignore them saying they were still squeezing bugs out of the game just days before submitting the finished version. It’s going to be fine. Yes?

Continue reading Final Tomb Raider Dev Diary Video

Bungie Release Destiny Trailer

Well, Bungie have finally dropped some details about their upcoming game, Destiny. We can finally confirm that the game will be an FPS, but it will also be something of an MMO. This mini documentary shows a few barely animated illustrations before some tasty looking glimpses of the game in motion. That’s motion, not action mind. Also expect to see various Bungie members pat themselves on the back at every chance. Enjoy the video after the jump and let us know what you think. Continue reading Bungie Release Destiny Trailer

Injustice: Gods Among Us Story Trailer

Fighting games aren’t known for making an effort with their stories, but if this new story trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us is anything to go by, that could be set to change. With such a rich heritage of DC Comics to fall back on, it makes sense that the developers should aim to give a little purpose to the action.

The cutscene footage is looking impressive and it’s pleasing to hear some familiar voices behind the masks. Many of the outfits seem to be more armoured than the classic looks we’re used to, but when you look at the fighting itself, we can hardly blame them for wanting a bit of extra protection.

We’re really looking forwards to the game as it looks set to shake up the genre somewhat with the most impressive interactive environments ever seen in a fighting game, which should elevate it above the impression of a Mortal Kombat game with DC characters. Wait, they already did that one. Check out my Gamescom Preview for more information ahead of the April 19th release date. Details for the game’s Collector’s Edition can be found here. Continue reading Injustice: Gods Among Us Story Trailer