3DS Ends Xbox 360’s 28 Month Hardware Number 1 Streak

After an impressive 28 months sitting atop the US hardware charts, the Xbox 360 has finally been outsold, by the 3DS no less [Joystiq]. This was achieved with considerable help from Top Ten appearances in the all-format charts from Donkey Kong: Country Returns (3), Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (5) and Lego Batman 2 (10).

The data collated by the NPD in their monthly report shows that it was generally a slow month for sales with 3DS hardware numbers roughly on a par with the year before but still able to buck the trend set by the main consoles. Sales of current-gen consoles like the 360 and PS3 will naturally be down as consumers gear up for the next-gen machines later this year. That, and the usual second quarter drought. A cold reception at E3 can’t have helped Microsoft’s numbers either.

With 3DS gamers lapping up the new Animal Crossing: New Leaf, we wouldn’t be surprised to see even more 3DS handhelds flying off the shelves to enable Nintendo to enjoy another month at the top too.

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