Battlefield 3 and Saints Row 3 Coming to PS Plus in July

This, this is getting ridiculous! How are we meant to play all of these games? Well, let’s give it a go anyway. From July 3rd, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download a fresh batch of free titles. This time we’re getting EA’s classic FPS, Battlefield 3 and the wonderfully fun Saints Row: The Third. Online bank-heist shooter Payday: The Heist will also be available to whet your appetite for the upcoming sequel.

Vita owners can look forward to more awkward memory card management as they try and fit in the third-person military shooter Unit 13 and the slice and dice action of Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. Isn’t it about time Sony released some decent sized memory cards over here and made them cheaper too?

Games that will be leaving the service on July 3rd include: Kingdoms of Amalur, Lord of the Rings: War in the North, The Cave, Rayman Origins (Vita) and Coconut Dodge (Vita).

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