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Why We Love… Single Player Games

Recent news has seen gamers lash out over the launch fiasco surrounding EA’s latest SimCity title. The game requires an always-on internet connection, which meant it broke as soon as it went live as thousands of enthusiastic gamers tried to play at once.

This happened days after Crytek CEO, Cervat Yerli, said, “I think the notion of a single-player experience has to go away.” Instead, he believes there should be more integration with the online world with “online single-player.” So, while keen to plug his upcoming online game, Warface, he’s stupidly kicked his other game –Crysis 3– in the stones. Guess we know why Crysis 2 and 3’s single-player modes can only muster a rental recommendation then.

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SimCity Update 1.8 Out Now

Maxis are working through the weekend to try and stabilise your SimCity experience. Just four days since the 1.7 traffic pathfinding update they have another one for the much-maligned game. Highlighted fixes and improvements include police station capacity issues, sewage glitches, missing textures, new roads messing up old roads and clearer text alerts.

Carl’s review went up before update 1.7 and you can read that here. Rest assured we plan on revisiting SimCity to check on its post-update progress. Click below to get the full list of 1.8 notes and let us know if you think the patches are helping. Continue reading SimCity Update 1.8 Out Now

EA to Compensate SimCity Players With Free Game

We’ve just heard from EA about how they’re fixing the utter farce that has been the launch of SimCity this week. The game requires an always-on internet connection and they’ve been unable to cope with demand on their servers with gamers losing data or not even being able to activate their copy of the game.

Here’s what they had to say, “So what went wrong? The short answer is: a lot more people logged on than we expected. More people played and played in ways we never saw in the beta. OK, we agree, that was dumb, but we are committed to fixing it. In the last 48 hours we increased server capacity by 120 percent. It’s working – the number of people who have gotten in and built cities has improved dramatically. The number of disrupted experiences has dropped by roughly 80 percent. So we’re close to fixed, but not quite there. I’m hoping to post another update this weekend to let everyone know that the launch issues are behind us.”

Yes, EA, that was dumb. Almost as dumb as designing the game with an always-online connection backbone. But at least the experience seems to be stabilising now, although not enough for us to finish our full review yet. To make up for all the drama, EA will be giving away a free game. Check out the details below: Continue reading EA to Compensate SimCity Players With Free Game