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Destiny’s upcoming changes could make it great again

Destiny was fantastic fun for the opening couple of months, but the seriously repetitive content soon became an issue. Bungie’s hype fizzled out to reveal a selection of empty play areas of uninspired fetch quests. Then came the expansions via a Season Pass that cost as much as buying the original game again, albeit with a tiny amount of tangible new content or environments.

Combine this with a levelling system that seemed exceptionally miserly with rewards that forced players into choosing weapons and armour based on how it would affect their Light level rather than the statistical benefits offered elsewhere, and Destiny became a gruelling grind with no sense of purpose. Bungie tried to reinvent the wheel without conceding to the value of a curve. Continue reading Destiny’s upcoming changes could make it great again

Destiny: House of Wolves debut trailer is live

Destiny fans can finally see the new House of Wolves expansion DLC in action thanks to a new trailer that’s just hit the net. Bungie and Activision are going head-to-head with The Witcher III though with a May 19th release date.

With Bungie’s DLC being of seriously questionable value so far, it seems nuts to go up against a game that gamers have been chomping at the bit for. The Witcher III is set to offer 200 hours of missions no less. While House of Wolves will cost £19.99 (also a part of the Season Pass) and possibly last a night or two -aside from repeating farming and grinding, naturally. Unless you already own the Season Pass, we’d say wait for the reviews to see if Bungie learned from their past mistakes with The Dark Below. Continue reading Destiny: House of Wolves debut trailer is live

The Sunday Seven: Destiny Strike Tips

I’ve had Destiny for a week now (thanks to Royal Mail’s usual shoddy service) and have been hitting the modes pretty hard to level up my gear enough to take on the upcoming Raids that are only open to level 26 and up. So, we imagine that you too are going to be putting a lot of time into Strike missions to get in some essential practice for Destiny’s tougher journeys. Well Guardian, you’re not going to last two minutes in the Raids if you don’t take these tactics into your Strike missions.

Continue reading The Sunday Seven: Destiny Strike Tips

Destiny Beta Iron Banner Mode PS4 Gameplay

Play Iron Banner Mode tonight!

With the Destiny Beta finishing tomorrow, we’ve been squeezing every last drop from the game. We even managed to get a few matches on the elusive Iron Banner mode and record a few tasty videos for you. This special mode only unlocks for the briefest of windows, allowing players the chance to partake in a new multiplayer mode where all the stats for weapons and armor are taken into account, meaning having earned the best gear could give you an advantage. Continue reading Destiny Beta Iron Banner Mode PS4 Gameplay

CLOSED! WIN an Xbox One or 360 Destiny Beta Code


We’ve given our PS4 gamers the chance to get a hold of a beta key for our most anticipated shooter in years, but fear not Xbox fans, we didn’t forget about you. In fact, we have a bunch of codes to give away on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The codes are not region locked either so they should work wherever you’re playing.

The hype for Bungie’s upcoming shooter has been building significantly since players got their hands on the Alpha build and with new missions and extra multiplayer maps to enjoy in the latest Beta version, we really think you should give it a try. Continue reading CLOSED! WIN an Xbox One or 360 Destiny Beta Code

Opening Scenes | Destiny Beta Gameplay – First 15 Mins on PS4

After a successful Alpha test last month, we’ve been itching to play more Destiny and have been all over the new Beta which launched earlier this week. Our first video of the new build includes the opening cinematic and the entire first mission. Continue reading Opening Scenes | Destiny Beta Gameplay – First 15 Mins on PS4

Destiny Could Own 2014… If It Fixes Some Problems

It’s hard to feel bad about England’s early stumble in the World Cup when we’ve been able to play the Alpha test of Destiny all weekend. In short, it’s been tonnes of fun and it looks like Bungie are onto a winner. Naturally, there’s a lot to like about the new shooter (like being able to aim down the sights right, Bungie!), but we’ve also comes across a few things we’d like to see sorted by the time the full release touches down in September.

Continue reading Destiny Could Own 2014… If It Fixes Some Problems

Bungie Release Destiny Trailer

Well, Bungie have finally dropped some details about their upcoming game, Destiny. We can finally confirm that the game will be an FPS, but it will also be something of an MMO. This mini documentary shows a few barely animated illustrations before some tasty looking glimpses of the game in motion. That’s motion, not action mind. Also expect to see various Bungie members pat themselves on the back at every chance. Enjoy the video after the jump and let us know what you think. Continue reading Bungie Release Destiny Trailer