Destiny Beta Iron Banner Mode PS4 Gameplay

Play Iron Banner Mode tonight!

With the Destiny Beta finishing tomorrow, we’ve been squeezing every last drop from the game. We even managed to get a few matches on the elusive Iron Banner mode and record a few tasty videos for you. This special mode only unlocks for the briefest of windows, allowing players the chance to partake in a new multiplayer mode where all the stats for weapons and armor are taken into account, meaning having earned the best gear could give you an advantage.

If you fancy a go yourself, be sure to see if you can get involved too by making sure you’re logged on at the following times (UK times below).

  • 18:00-20:00
  • 22:00-00:00
  • 03:00-05:00

The Iron Banner mode also hosts two exclusive maps, Rusted Lands on Earth (also seen in the Alpha) and the brand new Blind Watch Mars map. The regular Moon and Venus maps are also on rotation in this mode. If you’re struggling to find the mode, make sure you find Lord Saladin near the landing zone in the Tower to grab an invite. Be sure to activate some Iron Banner bounties too for a chance to earn some hot rewards.

So, onto the videos. First up is Earth’s Rusted Lands, followed by Shores of Time on Venus and we conclude with First Light on the Moon. Check them out to see how I did with my Lv.8 (level cap reached) Titan and his devastating Fist of Havoc. Then join my tears as I’m given a new gun with 358 damage points only for the level cap to keep it locked away until September.

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