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E3 Battleborn trailer shows off gameplay

The new E3 trailer for Battleborn has been released early and it’s looking pretty good. We’ll remain cautious until we’ve got our hands on the new FPS/MOBA hybrid as Gearbox’s output in recent years has varied considerably (Borderlands series – ace. Aliens: Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem’ Forever – balls.).

It’s undeniably pretty though, reminding me of the colourful aesthetic of WildStar. Unlike WildStar though, Battleborn will be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One as well as the PC. With any luck we’ll find out how the FPS/MOBA model is going to work out as more details emerge during E3.  Continue reading E3 Battleborn trailer shows off gameplay

Lego Jurassic World trailer takes you for a tour while we dig up the best prices

The latest trailer for Lego Jurassic World ties in neatly with the new movie as it gives you a tour of the newly opened Jurassic World theme park. We’re sure the opening will run smoothly. No wait, little Lego people are running for their lives and I’m pretty sure I saw a Raptor doing a wheelie on a bike. Clear your backlog people, this game is going to have you glued to your seats until that Platinum Trophy pings. Enjoy the trailer and take a look at our roundup of the best preorder deals for every format below. Continue reading Lego Jurassic World trailer takes you for a tour while we dig up the best prices

7 mins of new Batman: Arkham Knight footage

Today’s new video for Batman: Arkham Knight shows seven minutes of continuous footage from a segment of the game. This gives us an excellent impression of the different play styles available in the space of a few short minutes. We’re always happy to see gameplay over snappily edited snippets of cutscenes.

Over the course of seven minutes, we’ll see Batman swoop over Gotham’s beautifully lit Chinatown, before he dives through a building’s glass skylight and straight into an indoor brawl with no loading sequence at all. This part of the story sees him rescuing a rather underdressed Poison Ivy (where are your pants, Ivy!) from Scarecrow’s goons. There’s nothing spoilery to look out for though.

After a quick cutscene Batman gives her a lift in the batmobile to Gotham PD, giving Warner and Rocksteady the chance to show off how you can smash through buildings for shortcuts as alternatives to the route-planning line on the HUD. There’s a brief battle against the Arkham Knight’s armoured tanks on the way, which is a good excuse to transform the Batmobile into Battle Mode for some quick strafe and shoot rocket-fuelled fun. Take a look for yourself below and maybe play through Asylum and City to get ready for Batman: Arkham Knight in a month’s time. Continue reading 7 mins of new Batman: Arkham Knight footage

Mad Max Savage Road story trailer

Seen the movie yet? With some solid reviews behind the remake, we’re getting more excited for Avalanche’s game as it slowly edges near its September release. Today’s new trailer gives us some insight on the story for the game. That’s not to say it isn’t packed with explosions and brutal vehicular combat.

Take a look at the trailer below and we’ve rounded up the cheapest pre-order prices we can find too. Although, we imagine some better prices will come along before September 4th. Continue reading Mad Max Savage Road story trailer

Hellblade dev diary shows development challenges

As fans of Heavenly Sword and dev team Ninja Theory, we can’t wait to get our hands on Hellblade. The studio is aiming for a AAA action title, but made by a smaller team with a tiny budget. It’s an ambitious project, and they have been very open with their approach since announcing the game and have shown us multiple dev diaries from incredibly early stages of the game.

Today’s diary shows how the team have been creating multiple small ‘vertical slice’ demo for playtesters and the press. With a refreshing display of honesty, they freely admit that the first few were not great and left playtesters frustrated. With the latest build set to be shown to members of the press before E3, they have their fingers crossed that they have improved.

There’s no set release date for Hellblade, and with such a small team, we’d be surprised if it happened this year. As with any game though, we’d rather wait until the game is ready than play a malnourished product. Enjoy the video below and be sure to head to their site to see past entries in the series. Continue reading Hellblade dev diary shows development challenges

Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited trailer boasts multiplayer adventuring

We love a bit of Skyrim, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Witcher III, but they can be such lonely affairs. So we can’t wait to band together with our friends and explore the huge world of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. Today’s new trailer leans heavily on the multiplayer angle with talks of guilds, factions and exploring with friends.

Don’t forget, Tamriel Unlimited has dropped subscription fees, so you’ll not have to pay a monthly fee to play online. Also, rumours that you won’t be able to play a preowned copy on consoles turned out to be false, so you can always trade it in down the line if it’s not for you. Anyway, enjoy the trailer and we’ve rounded up the cheapest prices on all formats below too for the June 9th console release and PC version, which is out now. Continue reading Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited trailer boasts multiplayer adventuring

Life is Strange Episode 3 – Chaos Theory trailer

Life is Strange Episode 3 arrives next week

Episode 3 of Dontnods rather excellent Life is Strange launches tomorrow and we have a new trailer for you. I was hoping the next episode would inject a little extra pace and it looks like I won’t be disappointed as Max and Chloe seem to be entering a storm of events in this mid-season episode. Episode 3 is set to land on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

You really should dive into Dontnod’s new series, as it’s shaping up nicely so far. Be sure to check out my spoiler-free reviews of Episode 1 and Episode 2. To see the game in action, take a look at Carl’s new Backseat Gamer series as he and Becky play the game together (Part 1 and Part 2). Continue reading Life is Strange Episode 3 – Chaos Theory trailer

New Lego Jurassic World trailer inspired us to hunt down these cheap preorders

Today’s brand new Lego Jurassic World trailer is all sorts of awesome and the release date has finally been confirmed too. In fact, it’s less than a month away, so be sure to take advantage of our roundup of hot preorder deals across every format below if you want to play the game on June 12th. Naturally, you’ll want to take a look at that new trailer too, which features scenes from all four movies, along with footage of the various types of dinosaur you’ll get to play as.  Continue reading New Lego Jurassic World trailer inspired us to hunt down these cheap preorders

Life is Strange Episode 3 arrives next week

That was close, we’d almost forgotten Life is Strange existed as there’s such a gap between episodes. Episode 3 is set to land on May 19th on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

This middle episode could find the season gather some much needed pace, which shouldn’t be hard after the previous episode’s incredible ending, which I can’t talk about at all really. As the picture above shows though, it’ll feature Chloe and Max breaking into the very shifty Principal Wells’ office. Continue reading Life is Strange Episode 3 arrives next week

ARK: Survival Evolved lets you ride and fight dinosaurs. Sold!

The headline alone should have you eager to learn more about this new open world, first-person survival title. The brand new trailer shows off some stunning environments to explore online and fight over 60 different types of dinosaur populating the large island world. This could be the cure for the glut of online zombie survival titles we’ve been waiting for.

The online elements will include PvP options, but the trailer shows off the co-op elements more as players teeam up to fend off dino attacks on bases. What really hooks us in though is the ridable dinosaurs. You’ll be able to soar above the island for the perfect view on the back of your carefully tamed pteranodon. Or maybe just take a stroll with your very own stegosaurus. Sorry, Lego Jurassic World, you just got bumped down our dino game wish list.

ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, with the PC version opening up an Early Access version soon. No dates for the consoles yet, but the devs are adding Morpheus support to the PS4 version. Enjoy the trailer, we certainly did. Continue reading ARK: Survival Evolved lets you ride and fight dinosaurs. Sold!

Towerfall Ascension Dark World DLC landing this week

Towerfall Ascension is getting its first DLC expansion tomorrow. The Dark World pack will be priced $9.99 (UK price TBC) on PS4 and PC and will include a new four-player co-op mode, complete with extra bosses and brand new powerups. We presume the new powerups will also make an appearance in the regular competitive modes. You’ll also find an additional four level sets and ten additional archer characters to choose from.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a massive fan of Towerfall Ascension at launch. But it has really grown on me since, especially when played with gamer buddies who are fond of retro titles. It can be a little hardcore at first, but before long we were all bouncing around the screen and having an absolute blast. Co-op mode was fun with two players, but increasing the player count to four sounds much better. Although friendly fire could certainly be a danger! Check out the new DLC for yourself via this new trailer. Continue reading Towerfall Ascension Dark World DLC landing this week

Rocksteady release Batman: Arkham Insider #1 video

Rocksteady have kicked off a new series of videos from within their studio as they talk about the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game. Today’s 12 minute video has an extensive breakdown of the ‘All Who follow You’ trailer. After that, you can see staff answer questions fired at them from the Batman fan community for some extra tidbits of information. For example, did you know that there will be no loading screens when moving from exteriors to interiors? Colour us impressed.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be released June 23rd and you can find the Arkham Insider video and links to the cheapest deals on PS4, Xbox and PC below. Continue reading Rocksteady release Batman: Arkham Insider #1 video

Seen Batman: Arkham Knight’s cast trailer? You’ll want these cheap deals then

Batman: Arkham Knight is getting closer and the latest trailer gives us more reasons to be excited by showing some of the terrific voice talent behind the cast of Rocksteady’s Arkham finale. There are plenty of recognisable faces alongside Kevin Conroy (the long-running voice of Batman). We also have memorable cast members from the likes of Breaking Bad and Lord of the Rings in the roles of Commissioner Gordon and Scarecrow.

If you’re still looking to get your preorder down on any format, we’ve got a few options below including some super sweet deals on PC for both UK and US gamers. Continue reading Seen Batman: Arkham Knight’s cast trailer? You’ll want these cheap deals then

TRAILER: Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited console release only a month away

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited has taken its sweet time getting to consoles, so much so we’d almost forgotten about it. But on June 9th the online RPG will finally arrive on Xbox One and PS4 and this new trailer has certainly rekindled our interest here at Dealspwn.

A while back, Bethesda made the wise decision to drop monthly subscription fees which could be a mega boost for sales on consoles and we’ve already seen it prove to be a popular move with the PC version. This new trailer is a newbie-friendly introduction to some of the things you’ll be able to do in the game. It’s one hell of an appetiser really. Fantasy RPG fans are enjoying a great flow of titles lately with Dragon Age: Inquisition over Christmas, The Witcher III soon and now an online title to get stuck into with friends. Take a look at the trailer and let us know if you’re tempted. We’d love to hear from those of your already playing the PC game too. You’ll also find links to the best prices after the break.

Continue reading TRAILER: Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited console release only a month away

Just Cause 3 trailer is suitably insane

Here it is folks, leaked a few hours earlier than we were expecting, the first proper gameplay trailer for Just Cause 3. It certainly doesn’t disappoint and is packed with that wonderful grappling hook, ridiculously dangerous attitudes to vehicle safety and more explosions than a Michael Bay montage. In short, it looks like the most fun game of 2015. Take a peek and see for yourselves.

Also, stay tuned to Dealspwn as I’ll be bringing you a feature article later today on some of the finer points that’ll have you wanting Just Cause 3 even sooner. Continue reading Just Cause 3 trailer is suitably insane

Call of Duty: Black Ops III gets ridiculously fun trailer

The brand new gameplay debut trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III from Treyarch just landed and it’s pretty damn awesome if we’re honest.

You’ll have fun spotting some of the ‘influences’ from other hit games. So far we can see reminders of the likes of Vanquish, Titanfall, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Binary Domain and wait,,, Haze? We can’t wait to get our hands on the game as it looks set to continue in a similar manner to the highly enjoyable Advanced Warfare, despite development reverting back to Treyarch.

We didn’t see exo-suits, but enhanced movement like speed thrusts, wall-running and knee slides certainly seem to be in. Along with Deus Ex-style upgrades and robotic enemies and mechs as seen in the likes of Vanquish and Binary Domain. We’re certainly not complaining, mash up all these influences and you have the potential for a fantastic shooter. Advanced Warfare was the boot up the arse the series needed and Black Ops III looks like it may speed things up even more. We most certainly approve. Continue reading Call of Duty: Black Ops III gets ridiculously fun trailer

Star Wars: Battlefront trailer shows gorgeous ‘in-engine’ footage

It’s been a great day for Star Wars fans as many of us had breakfast while hitting repeat on the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, and now we have the first proper trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront. It looks like we’ll get to play the game before the new movie too as EA announced a November 20th release date in the UK and November 17th in US for the game PS4, Xbox one and PC.

If you’ve missed out on earlier details on Star Wars: Battlefront, we’ll catch you up before you watch the trailer below. Up to 40 players will do battle as two teams across famous environments of the original Star Wars trilogy. Players will be able to switch between first and third-person perspectives while on foot or when controlling vehicles. Oh yes, those iconic vehicles like AT-ATs, X-Wings, speeder bikes and more are back and set to be ridiculous amounts of fun. There will also be hero/villain gameplay opportunities where players will get to control legendary characters like Darth Vadar and walk around the Battlefield with almost godlike powers.

Sounds almost perfect, but we’re a little disappointed that there will be no space battles (local atmosphere aerial battles are still a thing). Being able to go from the battlefield to space in one fight would have been great though, and we were kind of expecting it as a next-gen feature to be honest. DICE General Manager Patrick Bach told IGN: “The core of Star Wars battles — the Endors, the Hoths, et cetera — you want to take that to perfection. You want to do it right. Space is hard, right? Not from a [development] perspective, but from a logistical perspective. Is that fun? For us it doesn’t make sense to create a battle above you if you’re fighting other players who are not there to fight. Our focus is to do planetary battles.” We’re not entirely sold on that excuse, but given how poorly DICE’s choppers handle in Battlefield 3 and 4, we might be better off. Anyway, aren’t you the best for reading through all this first? Enjoy the trailer!

Continue reading Star Wars: Battlefront trailer shows gorgeous ‘in-engine’ footage

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided official reveal trailer

Well folks, after a rather clumsy ‘reveal’ from Square Enix, where details leaked out during the rather boring multi-day Twitch broadcast, we have the first trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Now, wouldn’t that have just been easier rather than whatever was happening with Twitch, where everyone guessed it was going to be a new Deus Ex title anyway?

To be honest, we’re still massively excited as we were beginning to fear it might be another mobile/tablet game rather than a PC and new-gen console title. Although, a Kane & Lynch match-three game would have been bad-ass. Anyways, enough chit-chat, let’s take a look at what Adam Jensen is getting up to and when you’re done, be sure to read Jon’s newest article What we want from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – better graphics are just the start. Continue reading Deus Ex: Mankind Divided official reveal trailer

Batman: Arkham Knight delayed again, but here’s a new trailer

Batman: Arkham Knight has suffered yet another delay. Instead of releasing June 6th, you’ll now have to wait until June 23rd. It’s not the longest of delays (Uncharted 4 has hurt us the most in recent weeks) and we’re glad that Rocksteady is waiting until they decide the game is ready if we’re honest.

Arkham Knight is looking fantastic so far and Warner Bros has released a new trailer called ‘Officer Down’ to ensure our appetite doesn’t diminish while we wait. Enjoy the video below to see a fresh seven minutes of gameplay. After that, take a look at our hot pre-order offers, where you can reserve a PS4 or XO copy from as little as £37.99. Continue reading Batman: Arkham Knight delayed again, but here’s a new trailer

Blood Bowl II gameplay trailer hits the field. Hard.

Heads up, meatbags! We finally have a gameplay video for Cyanide Studio’s Blood bowl 2, which is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One soon. The video shows an Orc team defending their lines against the human-led, Reikland Raiders. We say humans, but they seem to have recruited an Ogre too!

Blood Bowl 2 is a much more tactical sports game, with a turn-based style that oddly suits the NFL-inspired sport, which is very stop/start in nature too. So expect to see some on-screen dice rolling to determine outcomes of plays. On the plus side, you’ll get the option to re-roll sometimes when your fat-handed orc fumbles it.

With NFL becoming more and more popular outside of the USA, we’re looking forwards to this one, especially seeing as it swaps out the mind-boggling data pile of stats and try-hard tattoos for spikes, vicious violence and all our favourite Games Workshop Warhammer races like orcs, dark elves, dwarves, chaos, skaven and more. Blood Bowl II is the first time the series has come to consoles in a long-time too, which should widen up the player-base more than ever.

We’ve got our fingers crossed for this one.

Want to know more? Well, we have a Blood Bowl II preview and an interview for you. There’s also a tonne of information on the game’s official website.