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Mad Max – 10 essential survival tips


Mad Max can be a seriously tough open world game and you’ll need our new survival tips guide if you want to stay alive long enough to help Max create the car of his dreams with the Magnum Opus.  With such a huge game world to explore, you’ll want to maximise (ha!) your play time to take the grind out of the wasteland. It could be the difference between becoming the Road Warrior and road kill. Continue reading Mad Max – 10 essential survival tips

Mad Max Review – Bleeding out on the blacktop

Mad Max Review - Bleeding out on the blacktop

Mad Max is a treasured movie series, and it was a great surprise to see the recent Mad Max: Fury Road reboot turn out to be pretty damn good. The pressure is certainly on for Avalanche Studios to deliver with their Mad Max game, which has been in the works since around 2008. So, it’s perhaps not unfair to have high expectations, especially when you consider the same studio is responsible for the ludicrously fun Just Cause series, with a third entry set to tear through stores later this year.

Just think about the comparison though. Just Cause games are set in a tropical paradise and give you tonnes of guns, skydiving, mid-air car surfing, anything-goes grappling hooks and the fun cranked up to 11 for the duration. Mad Max is set in a desert wasteland, car fuel must be scavenged and fought for, ammo for your rusty sawn-off is in dire supply and just staying alive is a constant challenge. Can you guess which game is more fun to play? Continue reading Mad Max Review – Bleeding out on the blacktop

Mad Max trailer paints a grim world. Clean it up for £30.99 on PS4

Just a month to go now before Mad Max makes his long awaited debut on the PS4. We’ve seen plenty of trailers paint an enticing mix of Just Cause meets Rage (aka blowing up shit in the desert), but this one dials down the boomage (a little anyways) in favour of showing off more of the game’s characters.

Mad Max is in good company it would seem as everyone seems a little bit unhinged and disfigured by violence. Happy fun times may not be around the corner, but it looks like he’s the man for the job of ensuring there are less War Boys ruining what’s left of the world. Because, well, reasons. Revenge and all that we imagine. Continue reading Mad Max trailer paints a grim world. Clean it up for £30.99 on PS4

Mad Max Savage Road story trailer

Seen the movie yet? With some solid reviews behind the remake, we’re getting more excited for Avalanche’s game as it slowly edges near its September release. Today’s new trailer gives us some insight on the story for the game. That’s not to say it isn’t packed with explosions and brutal vehicular combat.

Take a look at the trailer below and we’ve rounded up the cheapest pre-order prices we can find too. Although, we imagine some better prices will come along before September 4th. Continue reading Mad Max Savage Road story trailer

Mad Max gameplay trailer unleashes the Road Warrior

Today’s brand new Mad Max trailer has been well worth the wait as we finally get to see lots of gameplay. As expected, there’s a large focus on the vehicular combat, which looks similar to Rage, but with the fun factor turned up to 11. The desert may be all sorts of brown, but it’s looking very detailed too.

The extensive trailer also shows off lots of combat features and emphasises that most of the on-foot action will be based around melee fights as ammo is incredibly rare in this post apocalyptic world. Customisation of your Magnum Opus car and Max’s gear also gets a look in showing that there’s much more depth to the game than we originally imagined.

Fans of the Mad Max movies may be a bit annoyed that the Australian setting seems to have been ditched for the States (are those the remains of the Golden Gate Bridge we see?), but we’re presuming this is something the upcoming movie remake has done anyway. That said, Gibson fans (he used to be cool, before he turned into a massive anti-semite) will enjoy brief glimpses of homages to the original movies, like Max eating dog food and a cheeky glimpse of the Thunderdome. Continue reading Mad Max gameplay trailer unleashes the Road Warrior