Mad Max gameplay trailer unleashes the Road Warrior

Today’s brand new Mad Max trailer has been well worth the wait as we finally get to see lots of gameplay. As expected, there’s a large focus on the vehicular combat, which looks similar to Rage, but with the fun factor turned up to 11. The desert may be all sorts of brown, but it’s looking very detailed too.

The extensive trailer also shows off lots of combat features and emphasises that most of the on-foot action will be based around melee fights as ammo is incredibly rare in this post apocalyptic world. Customisation of your Magnum Opus car and Max’s gear also gets a look in showing that there’s much more depth to the game than we originally imagined.

Fans of the Mad Max movies may be a bit annoyed that the Australian setting seems to have been ditched for the States (are those the remains of the Golden Gate Bridge we see?), but we’re presuming this is something the upcoming movie remake has done anyway. That said, Gibson fans (he used to be cool, before he turned into a massive anti-semite) will enjoy brief glimpses of homages to the original movies, like Max eating dog food and a cheeky glimpse of the Thunderdome.

Max Max has rocketed up our most wanted lists after this trailer. Fingers crossed it’ll be worth the wait by the September 4th release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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