Mad Max trailer paints a grim world. Clean it up for £30.99 on PS4

Just a month to go now before Mad Max makes his long awaited debut on the PS4. We’ve seen plenty of trailers paint an enticing mix of Just Cause meets Rage (aka blowing up shit in the desert), but this one dials down the boomage (a little anyways) in favour of showing off more of the game’s characters.

Mad Max is in good company it would seem as everyone seems a little bit unhinged and disfigured by violence. Happy fun times may not be around the corner, but it looks like he’s the man for the job of ensuring there are less War Boys ruining what’s left of the world. Because, well, reasons. Revenge and all that we imagine.

Take a look at the trailer below and if you’re up for the grim task ahead, take advantage of our red hot £30.99 deal on PS4, saving you nearly £7. PC gamers, how does £12.96 sound?

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