Seen Batman: Arkham Knight’s cast trailer? You’ll want these cheap deals then

Batman: Arkham Knight is getting closer and the latest trailer gives us more reasons to be excited by showing some of the terrific voice talent behind the cast of Rocksteady’s Arkham finale. There are plenty of recognisable faces alongside Kevin Conroy (the long-running voice of Batman). We also have memorable cast members from the likes of Breaking Bad and Lord of the Rings in the roles of Commissioner Gordon and Scarecrow.

If you’re still looking to get your preorder down on any format, we’ve got a few options below including some super sweet deals on PC for both UK and US gamers.

*To get a 5% discount, go to the retailer’s Facebook page and click the link. You don’t have to enter an email address, just enter any text and press enter for a code.

These prices are originally £37.99 (still the cheapest), but you can get them down to £34.19 by using a new account and using the discount code ‘WELCOME’.

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