7 mins of new Batman: Arkham Knight footage

Today’s new video for Batman: Arkham Knight shows seven minutes of continuous footage from a segment of the game. This gives us an excellent impression of the different play styles available in the space of a few short minutes. We’re always happy to see gameplay over snappily edited snippets of cutscenes.

Over the course of seven minutes, we’ll see Batman swoop over Gotham’s beautifully lit Chinatown, before he dives through a building’s glass skylight and straight into an indoor brawl with no loading sequence at all. This part of the story sees him rescuing a rather underdressed Poison Ivy (where are your pants, Ivy!) from Scarecrow’s goons. There’s nothing spoilery to look out for though.

After a quick cutscene Batman gives her a lift in the batmobile to Gotham PD, giving Warner and Rocksteady the chance to show off how you can smash through buildings for shortcuts as alternatives to the route-planning line on the HUD. There’s a brief battle against the Arkham Knight’s armoured tanks on the way, which is a good excuse to transform the Batmobile into Battle Mode for some quick strafe and shoot rocket-fuelled fun. Take a look for yourself below and maybe play through Asylum and City to get ready for Batman: Arkham Knight in a month’s time.

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