ARK: Survival Evolved lets you ride and fight dinosaurs. Sold!

The headline alone should have you eager to learn more about this new open world, first-person survival title. The brand new trailer shows off some stunning environments to explore online and fight over 60 different types of dinosaur populating the large island world. This could be the cure for the glut of online zombie survival titles we’ve been waiting for.

The online elements will include PvP options, but the trailer shows off the co-op elements more as players teeam up to fend off dino attacks on bases. What really hooks us in though is the ridable dinosaurs. You’ll be able to soar above the island for the perfect view on the back of your carefully tamed pteranodon. Or maybe just take a stroll with your very own stegosaurus. Sorry, Lego Jurassic World, you just got bumped down our dino game wish list.

ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, with the PC version opening up an Early Access version soon. No dates for the consoles yet, but the devs are adding Morpheus support to the PS4 version. Enjoy the trailer, we certainly did.

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