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Hitman’s segmented release is anti-gamer

We’re getting a new Hitman game on December 8th. Usually, this would be cause for celebration. But instead, we’re very concerned about what is could mean for gamers and the way video games are released. If you hadn’t heard, Hitman will only release digitally this year, at the full price of $60/£40. However, it won’t be a finished product, not even close.

IO Interactive said: “What we release on December 8th is not the full game. It’s a sizable chunk of it. Throughout 2016 we’ll release more locations and missions until the story arc is done and finished. All of that content is included in the $60 price.” Continue reading Hitman’s segmented release is anti-gamer

Tembo the Badass Elephant (Review)

Tembo the Badass Elephant Review | Dumbo Meets Rambo

Dumbo Meets Rambo

Game Freak (of Pokémon fame) have developed this stampeding platformer under Sega’s gaze, and it would seem they’ve opted for an unlikely platform hero in the shape of an elephant in order to bring the classic platformer back. Seeing as Sonic’s now the Reek to Mario’s Ramsay Snow, I was certainly willing to give Tembo a shot.

A new controller may well be on your shopping list soon if you’re planning on getting through Tembo the Badass Elephant though. This retro 2D platformer is one of those games I like to refer to as Bastard Hard. I’ve called it much worse over the last few days, but I’m probably not allowed to print such tirades. Continue reading Tembo the Badass Elephant (Review)

Xbox One Elite controller doomed to high prices as a GAME exclusive?

Xbox One Elite controller doomed to high prices as a GAME exclusive?

Store exclusives are never a good deal for gamers as it allows retailers to charge what they want if they’ve managed to snag something gamers are likely to want. Usually, we’re talking a bit of DLC, that inevitably makes it way onto digital stores later on and is often not worth the extra money anyway.

But what about physical hardware? If reports are to be believed, the upcoming Xbox One Elite controller is now a GAME exclusive in the UK and currently available to preorder at the top-end price of £129.99. Continue reading Xbox One Elite controller doomed to high prices as a GAME exclusive?

Batman: Arkham Knight (Review)

Batman: Arkham Knight Review | A Knight to Remember

This is the end folks. Rocksteady’s last Batman game. As we saw with Warner Montréal’s Arkham Origins, you can’t just ask another studio to copy the formula and come up with the goods. Wipe away those tears though and step into the world of Batman: Arkham Knight.

This final adventure sees Batman finally playing on home turf in the expansive Gotham City. A dream come true for gamers, but the Scarecrow wants to make it everyone’s worst nightmare. He’s been cooking up a small ocean of his trademark fear toxin to make a whole city lose its mind and tear itself apart. Continue reading Batman: Arkham Knight (Review)

Batman: Arkham Knight’s Batmobile – Brilliant fun or a legacy betrayed?

Batman: Arkham Knight's Batmobile - Brilliant fun or a legacy betrayed?

So, I’ve just spent my first night tearing around Gotham in the Batmobile. Rocksteady have taken their time recreating one of the most iconic cars of all time and the pressure was certainly on to do it justice as their trilogy of Batman games draws to a close with Arkham Knight. My review is coming later this week, but in many ways, the main question we’re asking is, how’s the Batmobile? How does it handle? Is it an empowering blast and buckets of fun? Or do the tank-like transformations betray Batman’s Legacy? I’ll tell you.

From the first time you unleash the Batmobile on the streets of Gotham, there’s a volatile burst of aggression that makes it almost intimidating to handle. Steering can be very sensitive, resulting in much more fish-tailing than I’d care to admit. It got to the point where I was getting quite annoyed actually. Continue reading Batman: Arkham Knight’s Batmobile – Brilliant fun or a legacy betrayed?

Did Microsoft choose the wrong stage demo for Rise of the Tomb Raider at E3?

Well, that’s more like it Microsoft and Square-Enix! The new extended gameplay demo of Rise of the Tomb Raider is a considerable improvement over the arguably dull E3 2015 appearance. So much so, it’s hard to imagine why Microsoft went for the video they did for their on-stage gameplay reveal over the new one released over the weekend.

The timed Xbox exclusive is one of the year’s biggest releases and the gameplay reveal at E3 was one of our most anticipated parts of Microsoft’s show. But then it happened and they turned E3 into QTE3. It wasn’t a bad demo by any means, but there was a heavy focus on quick-time-events and climbing rather than showing us extended on-foot scenes. Tomb Raider scenes. Continue reading Did Microsoft choose the wrong stage demo for Rise of the Tomb Raider at E3?

Lego Jurassic World (Review) – Closed for maintenance

Lego Jurassic World Review - Closed for maintenance

Frankly, it’s a surprise it’s taken this long for the team at Traveller’s Tales to get their hands on the Jurassic Park license. But on the plus side, it’s meant they have managed to squeeze the brand new Jurassic World entry into the game alongside the original trilogy.

In fact, if you want to dive into the new movie straight away, you can after the prologue level. But if, like us, you love the original movies, you’ll want to play through from the very start. By now, TT are seasoned pros at reproducing iconic moments from films into family-friendly games. They’ve had their work cut out for them though as the original movie is surprisingly violent, so the game has been heavily reimagined or cut. So nobody really dies, goat spines don’t land on sunroofs and you certainly won’t be seeing Samuel L. Jackson’s severed arm flopping onto Laura Dern’s shoulder. Hell, even Dennis Nedry has even been slimmed down (because Lego doesn’t do fat). I’m surprised (disproportionately outraged) the electric fence scene has been completely cut though. Continue reading Lego Jurassic World (Review) – Closed for maintenance

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt (Review) – An unpolished classic?

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Review | An unpolished classic?

A reliable sign you’re playing an absorbing game is how it makes the time fly. I was constantly interrupted by my TV’s two-hour auto-shutdown notification throughout my time with The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. Geralt’s adventures will cut through the days and nights so fast it’ll shock you.

The Witcher III marks the series’ debut on PlayStation and as such will be played by many gamers unfamiliar with the past games. There’s no getting around the fact that you’re going to be at a loss just diving in, I’d seriously advise reading a few wiki summaries of past events and  brushing up on some of the main characters so you won’t feel too left out. Continue reading The Witcher III: Wild Hunt (Review) – An unpolished classic?

Witcher III and many others are being spoiled by a tiny problem

We’re a lucky generation. It’s never been cheaper to buy behemoth-sized TV screens and the visuals for games and movies have never been clearer thanks to the rapid dominance of HD screens and the success of the Blu-ray medium for the movie industry and as a physical media for console games. But there’s a tiny issue spoiling games today. One so small, you’ll probably have to squint to see it.

It’s all in the small print. Why, with these massive screens and crystal clear pictures, do we constantly have to squint or move closer to read the text in video games? The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is another in a long line of big-name games that should really know better. Continue reading Witcher III and many others are being spoiled by a tiny problem

Twitter Reacts to Fallout 4 – “My nerd heart just exploded nerd fluids” vs “graphics from 2008”?

You’ve all seen the new Fallout 4 trailer right? Go on, we’ll wait. Well it’s time to gauge the reactions of gamers around the world by examining one of the hottest trending topics we’ve seen in a while.

Here are some of the highlights expressing everything from raw elation, misgivings about the graphics and speculations about what lies ahead. There’s also rather a lot of excitement about the dog too. If you want to see even more tweets, be sure to check out the Fallout 4 hashtag. Stay tuned to Dealspwn too, as we’ll be bringing you more on Fallout 4 in the near future along with the best value preorders. Continue reading Twitter Reacts to Fallout 4 – “My nerd heart just exploded nerd fluids” vs “graphics from 2008”?

1TB PS4 and Xbox One models are appallingly overdue

Cheap PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Guide

Hands up. Whose PS4 or Xbox One is completely full already? Quite a few of you we imagine, especially seeing as most games seem to move in with about 40GB of space on your hard-drive.

Today we’ve heard leaks about a new 1TB hard-drive PS4 model and the rumours of an Xbox One slim with a bigger drive have been doing the rounds too. Of course, PS4 owners can buy their own 1TB drive and install it and there was briefly a 1TB XO (the COD model), but why the hell has it taken Sony and Microsoft so long to wake up to the fact the 500GB drive is a joke? Continue reading 1TB PS4 and Xbox One models are appallingly overdue

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (Review) – “Ein Hotdog!”

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Review | "Ein Hotdog!"

The announcement of this standalone expansion prequel to last year’s excellent Wolfenstein: The New Order was an excellent surprise and the news that it was only going to cost about £15 was even better. Fast forward a few short weeks and you can pick up a copy for about a tenner. You’re looking at the best bargain of 2015, folks.

While the majority of the last game was set in the alternative version of the 1960s where the Nazis won WWII, The Old Blood takes place towards the end of the war in the mid 40s. You’re attempting to infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein, an enormous fortress built into the side of a mountain. The word ‘imposing’ doesn’t really do it justice as you approach it via cable car. Continue reading Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (Review) – “Ein Hotdog!”

Why Resident Evil 0 HD is great news for the series and gamers

Today, Capcom announced that they are working on Resident Evil 0 HD, a remastered HD port of their 2002 GameCube exclusive. While some HD ports/remasters feel like opportunistic cash grabs, we like to think that this one is a good thing; not just for us eager gamers, but for Capcom and the Resident Evil series in general. Here’s why.

As fondly remembered as the GameCube was, the fact is it got hammered by the competition. Capcom were easily the most supportive third-party though with the original Resident Evil remake (or REmake), Resi 0 and of course, the incredible Resident Evil 4. Continue reading Why Resident Evil 0 HD is great news for the series and gamers

Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees DLC (Review) – This is why they run

Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees DLC Review | This is why they run

Season Pass content can be tricky to navigate, especially when you’re not sure how a piece of paid content is going to work out. At Dealspwn we always advise waiting for some coverage or reviews before putting any extra cash down, especially for season passes. We really enjoyed Mortal Kombat X at launch and have been impressed with the variety of characters already on offer. So how about the DLC ones? Well, here’s our review of the first to arrive, the infamous, Jason Voorhees.

The indestructible star of the Friday the 13th movies (yes, except the first one) initially seemed a rather odd choice for the series, as he’s never been known for his pace and the idea of him performing combos seems a bit absurd. Thankfully, NetherRealm have given him a generous injection of pace and a decent skillset with linkable moves, while maintaining his sinister style. Continue reading Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees DLC (Review) – This is why they run

Life is Strange Episode 3 – Chaos Theory Review

Life is Strange Episode 3 - Chaos Theory Review

Coming in late? Be sure to check out my spoiler-free reviews of Episode 1 and Episode 2.

I expected the dramatic conclusion to Episode 2 to be the catalyst that would drive the series’ pace forward with a much needed boost. More so with questions about the events at Arcadia Bay’s school and the strange events around town being no closer to getting answered.

The first part of Episode 3 starts with Max and Chloe breaking into the school Principal’s office. To get through the locked door, you have to sneak through the school at night to find a few items. It feels a bit by the numbers really, with only bonus photo maintaining my interest. Continue reading Life is Strange Episode 3 – Chaos Theory Review

Wulverblade Preview | The beat ’em up is back

Wulverblade remembers the good ol’ days of playing side-scrolling beat ’em ups with friends on consoles like the Sega Mega-Drive and wants to bring that feeling back to modern consoles. At the Play Blackpool retro gaming expo it’s finding a lot of new fans, as many attendees were brought up on the likes of Streets of Rage and Double Dragon, so have no problem diving straight into Wulverblade.

Unlike many modern titles leaning on the nostalgic angle, you won’t see Wulverblade sporting a pixel art style or looking like it could have run on a console twenty years ago. Instead the art direction shows a stunning cel-shaded style more akin to Castle Crashers. But with additional limb-lopping. Continue reading Wulverblade Preview | The beat ’em up is back

Why Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate already looks better than Unity

With Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate finally officially revealed after months of speculation and leaks, it’s good to see what this year’s entry in Ubisoft’s series is shaping up like. Can it repair the damage done by last year’s Unity though? Take a look at what we think were the most important elements to take away from today’s official reveal.  Continue reading Why Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate already looks better than Unity

Mortal Kombat X (Review) – Gore galore

Mortal Kombat X Review | Gore galore

NetherRealm Studios come to their tenth canon Mortal Kombat release after the rather excellent Injustice: Gods Among Us. Working on the superhero title seems to have strengthened their resolve to come up with one of the best games we’ve seen in the long-running, face pummelling series.

The Story mode is a good place to start for any rusty brawler fans. You’ll control a set character for four fights before being put in the shoes of a new combatant. By the end of the story you’ll have played as most of the 24 strong cast and you should have an idea of which characters you’d like to develop your skills with and those you never want to see again. Continue reading Mortal Kombat X (Review) – Gore galore

White Night (Review) – A noire in the dark

White Night Review | A noire in the dark

White Night blends classic themes that sound fantastic on paper. It’s essentially a survival horror/adventure title hybrid, inked with a gorgeous Sin City-esque graphic novel style, toned with a classic 1930s detective noir vibe. I already want a film version.

We begin the tale with a car accident, which sees our protagonist hobbling towards a nearby mansion for help. And boy do I mean hobble. I’ve never endured such a slow opening 30 minutes in my life. I plodded up to the gates when the camera eventually let me see them, then up to the porch, then around the graveyard until I found the key, and then around the house for ages until I found the first save point, a couch. Thankfully, when our hero awoke, his injuries were healed and I was treated to a run button too. Continue reading White Night (Review) – A noire in the dark