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Mortal Kombat X PC price hits all time low


Wait… what? Exactly how bad does this seller want rid of their PC copies of Mortal Kombat X? The PC version of the brawler had a rough launch, but has had some patches since. At this price it’s probably worth a gamble for any fighter fan. Continue reading Mortal Kombat X PC price hits all time low

Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees DLC (Review) – This is why they run

Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees DLC Review | This is why they run

Season Pass content can be tricky to navigate, especially when you’re not sure how a piece of paid content is going to work out. At Dealspwn we always advise waiting for some coverage or reviews before putting any extra cash down, especially for season passes. We really enjoyed Mortal Kombat X at launch and have been impressed with the variety of characters already on offer. So how about the DLC ones? Well, here’s our review of the first to arrive, the infamous, Jason Voorhees.

The indestructible star of the Friday the 13th movies (yes, except the first one) initially seemed a rather odd choice for the series, as he’s never been known for his pace and the idea of him performing combos seems a bit absurd. Thankfully, NetherRealm have given him a generous injection of pace and a decent skillset with linkable moves, while maintaining his sinister style. Continue reading Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees DLC (Review) – This is why they run

Mortal Kombat X (Review) – Gore galore

Mortal Kombat X Review | Gore galore

NetherRealm Studios come to their tenth canon Mortal Kombat release after the rather excellent Injustice: Gods Among Us. Working on the superhero title seems to have strengthened their resolve to come up with one of the best games we’ve seen in the long-running, face pummelling series.

The Story mode is a good place to start for any rusty brawler fans. You’ll control a set character for four fights before being put in the shoes of a new combatant. By the end of the story you’ll have played as most of the 24 strong cast and you should have an idea of which characters you’d like to develop your skills with and those you never want to see again. Continue reading Mortal Kombat X (Review) – Gore galore

Mortal Kombat X story trailer – Adding sense to the violence?

Check out the brand new story trailer for Mortal Kombat X one of our most eagerly awaited titles of 2015. Just like the studio’s last game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, the story will see you controlling multiple characters which is a great way to try out a wide variety of the roster rather than settling on an old favourite for the entire game.

The story will take place over a period of twenty years, so prepare for some epic scenes and find out why everyone’s so keen to get their hands on that stone. The trailer also promotes the exclusive special edition at Game where you’ll get Goro as a playable character for £47.99 (ouch indeed).

Or you could order at these much cheaper prices below. Stay tuned to our game deals page for regular discount on the hottest games.