Xbox One Elite controller doomed to high prices as a GAME exclusive?

Xbox One Elite controller doomed to high prices as a GAME exclusive?

Store exclusives are never a good deal for gamers as it allows retailers to charge what they want if they’ve managed to snag something gamers are likely to want. Usually, we’re talking a bit of DLC, that inevitably makes it way onto digital stores later on and is often not worth the extra money anyway.

But what about physical hardware? If reports are to be believed, the upcoming Xbox One Elite controller is now a GAME exclusive in the UK and currently available to preorder at the top-end price of £129.99.

Xbox One Elite controller doomed to high prices as a GAME exclusive?

The new Elite controller was announced at E3 2015 and had us quite excited with its unique features. But then we found out it was going to cost £129.99, which is simply bonkers. But as we’re a deals site we found a few retailers were going cheaper. Admittedly, some were later revealed to be ‘accidental mis-prices’ and all preorders were cancelled (surprise, it was Zavvi), but others seemed to be taking orders for between £100-£130.

Despite previously listing the controller, the likes of Amazon, ShopTo and Zavvi are no longer taking preoders. Head on over to GAME’s site though and they’re proudly declaring ‘Only at GAME’ in the controller’s title listing. asked Microsoft about retailer exclusivity in the UK and recieved a rather vague reply: “We’re excited to launch the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller later this year, and look forward to sharing UK retailer availability soon.”

So have Game jumped the gun, keenly boasting about their exclusivity deal before Microsoft originally wanted them too? The sudden decrease in listings at other retailer’s certainly points towards that conclusion. Game aren’t particularly well known for their discounted items, despite doing the odd tasty console bundle. So, expect them to stick to the full RRP like glue, meaning you’re only chance of getting the Xbox One Elite controller for a reasonable price could be a second-hand, or maybe even oversees option.

That said, GameStop UK are still taking preorders, and they’re only charging £99.97, so we’d certainly head there first. Preorders paid via MasterCard, VISA or PayPal will only actually be charged when the controller is shipped, so if they have to cancel it, you won’t have to organise a refund at least.

Or is this all besides the point? You could get three games for the price of one these things after all. Will it actually make a difference to the way we play? Are hardware exclusives the next grim sign of the future? Let us know.

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